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chia seeds
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Chia seeds are an ancient superfood that’s making a big comeback and for good reasons. These little black and white seeds are one of the most powerful, functional and nutritious superfoods in the world! Chia seed are an excellent source of fiber, packed with antioxidants, full of protein, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and the richest known […]

December 09, 10
What is Stevia?
Health Health & Nutrition

Stevia, also known as Stevia Rebaudiana, is an herb that has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries. Its been suppressed for decades by the FDA, but with Coca-Cola and Cargill interested in using it, Stevia is about to go mainstream. Extracts from the leaf of the Stevia plant have been found to be high in […]

December 05, 7
Corrupt Food Industry Killing Us With Salt
Health Health & Nutrition

It is well known among the medical and health community that to much sodium in your diet can lead to strokes, heart attacks and other health problems. However the food industry doesn’t care. They have fully acknowledges that sodium levels are too high in there products, but are not making any plans on changing […]

December 04, 4
Wine Boosts Omega-3 in the Body
Health Health & Nutrition

A major new finding shows moderate alcohol intake is associated with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in plasma and red blood cells. The alcohol acts like a ‘trigger’, boosting the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in our body. It does this by influencing the metabolism of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, as […]

December 04, 0
Too Little Vitamin D Puts Heart at Risk
Health Health & Nutrition

Several large studies have shown that people with low vitamin D levels were twice as likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or other heart-related event. Traditionally associated with bone and muscle weakness, but in recent years a number of studies have shown that low levels of the vitamin may […]

December 03, 0
Man Tries to Become ‘Certified Organic’
Health Health & Nutrition Mind & Body Organic

A pediatrician has spent the last three years only eating organic food, whether he’s cooking at home, dining out or snacking on the road. Why three years, because that was the amount of time it took to have a breeding animal certified organic by the Department of Agriculture and he wondered whether a person could meet the […]

December 03, 4
Blueberries Reverse Memory Loss and Prevent Alzheimer’s
Health Health & Nutrition Superfoods

As if blueberries weren’t already amazing, new research found adding blueberries to a regular diet, resulted in improvements in memory and may have implications in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Blueberries are rich in flavonoids, which have always been associated as an antioxidant, but this study indicates they also activate the part of the brain […]

December 03, 1
Fast Food Causes Alzheimer’s
Health Health & Nutrition Mind & Body

Swedish researchers discovered that mice fed junk food for nine months began developing the abnormal brain tangles associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The study concluded that a diet of high fat, cholesterol and sugar severely affect the brain. The biggest probable is that what most people don’t think is junk food, is […]

December 02, 2
Depression Linked to Belly Fat
Health Health & Nutrition Mind & Body

Research conducted at the University Medical Center in Amsterdam concluded that adults with symptoms of depression are more likely to gain abdominal fat. The study recorded depression and abdominal fat at the beginning and again after five years. The major contributing factors were chronic stress and depression that […]

December 02, 5
Acupuncture Beats Aspirin for Chronic Headache
Health Health & Nutrition Mind & Body

Recent research at Duke University found that acupuncture works better than drugs like aspirin to reduce the severity and frequency of chronic headaches. A study involving nearly 4,000 patients with migraine, tension headache and other forms of chronic headache showed that 62 percent of the acupuncture patients reported […]

December 01, 5
Research Proves Heart Disease Can be Reversed
Fitness Health Health & Nutrition

Research finally agrees with naturopathic physicians that heart disease can be reversed. The study provides hard evidence that tiny pieces of genetic material called microRNA, which degrades the function of heart cells, plays a key role in the development of heart disease. Research using mice concluded by blocking microRNA in heart […]

December 01, 0
Eating Fish May Prevent Kidney Decline in Diabetics
Health & Nutrition

Research is now discovering that eating fish at least twice a week, reduces the incidence of kidney disease in patients with diabetes by more than 75%. This is according to the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. The research revealed it’s the quality, not the quantity of the protein that matters, and fish protein seems to […]

November 30, 0
Junk Food Ads Don’t Make Kids Fat, Say Soft Drink Makers
Fitness Health & Nutrition

TV junk food ads do not make children fat, soft-drink makers and advertisers have told an inquiry, but psychologists say advertising heavily influences what foods children eat. And those aged under eight cannot tell the difference between an ad and a TV program, the Australian Psychological Society said […]

November 25, 1
Starve – to live longer
Fitness Health & Nutrition

Most people diet to trim there waistlines but others are a members of the US-based Calorie Restriction Society. They diet strictly to enhance longevity and avoid age-related disease. Inspired by animal experiments showing that underfeeding enhances vitality and prolongs life by 30 percent or more, they are slashing kilojoule intake in hopes […]

November 25, 2
FDA’s Own Scientists Revolt Against Them For Committing Crimes

Scientists working in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health division has revolted against the corrupt managers of its own department, accusing them of committing crimes. There is extensive documentary evidence that managers at CDRH have corrupted and interfered with the scientific review of medical devices […]

November 25, 3
Monsanto Tried to Block Research Showing GM Corn Causes Infertility
Health & Nutrition

An independent study commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Health has found significant infertility effects from mice fed genetically modified (GM) corn. Monsanto, which has a near-world monopoly on all agricultural seeds tried to, not only stop the study from the beginning, but then tried to block the […]

November 21, 11
Macadamia Nuts Lower Risk Factors for Coronary Disease
Health & Nutrition

Recent studies are finding that a diet rich in macadamia nuts reduces total cholesterol, including LDL-cholesterol, and reduces risk factors for coronary disease in patients with high cholesterol levels. In April, 2008 the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that the unique fatty acid profile of nuts beneficially […]

November 21, 3
Six Good Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot
Fitness Health & Nutrition Mind & Body

Every year it is recommended that people get a flu shot to avoid spending time feeling horrendously bad over the winter. Elderly people are especially warned that without a flu shot, their health could be in serious jeopardy. In recent years, this warning has been […]

November 20, 5
Vitamin Discovered That Boosts Immunity Against Skin Cancer
Health & Nutrition

Nicotinamide (Vit B3), a vitamin found in common foods like meats, nuts and grains may provide the next advance in skin cancer prevention, according to new research from the University of Sydney. Tests show the vitamin prevents damage from ultraviolet (UV) radiation by […]

November 20, 2

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