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Raw Almonds Still Illegal

I’m still surprised at the number of people who buy raw almonds thinking that they’re raw. The truth is they’re not. In the fall of 2007 a bill was passed requiring all raw almonds in North America to undergo a mandatory pasteurization making it illegal to purchase raw almonds.

March 26, 108
Top 20 Health, Green, Organic, Raw Tweeters You Should Follow on Twitter
Health Health & Nutrition Reviews

I joined Twitter earlier this year and I’ve absolutely enjoyed the experience. It provides me the chance to share my latest activities, but I also get to follow the lives of people who I’ve always wanted to know more about. I thought I’d tell you some of my favorite raw food, health, organic […]

March 17, 10
Mushrooms, Green Tea May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
Health Health & Nutrition

A new Australian study finds that women whose diets include plenty of green tea and mushrooms may have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. The study, which involved more than 2,000 Chinese women, found that the more fresh and dried mushrooms the women consumed, the lower their breast cancer […]

March 17, 2
Herbs to Prevent Heart Disease
Health & Nutrition

Cardiovascular disease is the No 1 cause of death in America with at least 58,800,000 million Americans suffering from some form of heart disease. The shocking part is that most heart attacks can be prevented by simple changes in your lifestyle. Besides the obvious eating healthy food and…

March 04, 10
How Toxic Are Your Household Products? Let GoodGuide Help You

Millions of people looking to buy safe, healthy and green products now have the perfect tool to help them navigate the marketplace. GoodGuide, will for the first time give consumers fast and easy access to the world’s largest and most reliable source of health, environmental and social performance [..]

March 04, 5
Vitamin B Reduces Risk of Vision Loss by 33 Percent!
Health Health & Nutrition

A new study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found taking B vitamins can prevent age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in people 65 and older, with nearly 2 million Americans affected.

February 23, 3
The Miracle That Is Green Tea
Health & Nutrition

Green tea has been consumed for more than four thousand years and is possibly the closest thing to a miracle drink. It has numerous properties that render it extremely beneficial for the human body and many research studies have shown drinking green tea […]

February 06, 19
Vital Facts You Need To Know About Genetically Engineered Food!
Health Health & Nutrition Organic

Do you know what’s in your food? Is it genetically engineered? Do all countries allow genetically modified foods? Many people have no idea that virtual all of America is consuming them. You should be aware of how dangerous GM food is and the great lengths corporations and our government are going to […]

February 05, 1
Garlic May Be Worlds Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant
Health Health & Nutrition Superfoods

Canadian researchers say the organic compound allicin, which gives garlic its aroma and flavor, may be the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant. Allicin is believed to give garlic its distinct aroma and flavor. Until now it hasn’t been clear how Allicin works or how good it is compared with […]

February 03, 0
Reduce Your Stress With These Powerful Herbs
Health Health & Nutrition

Stress is a powerful emotion that is a factor in numerous illnesses including depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, and high blood pressure. It’s believed that practically every illness has stress as a contributing factor which is why we should do what we can to […]

February 03, 10
Stealthy Tactics Reduce Quantity Of Many Food Products
Health Health & Nutrition

We’ve all noticed that food prices have gone up, and will continue to increase over the next 6 months. What you might not have noticed is the stealthy tactics many corporations are doing in conjunction with there price increase […]

February 02, 0
WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms
Eco-Living Environment Organic

WWOOF, it stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. I hadn’t heard of this organization until today when I came across it while doing some research. I figured it would be interesting to do a quick post on. Basically, it’s an organization that […]

January 29, 4
Huge Avocado Shortage Looms
Health Health & Nutrition

California farmers expect to harvest the smallest avocado crop since 1990 and possibly even as far back as 1980. The price of avocados is expected to rise later this year in response to a predicted avocado shortage.

January 22, 2
Why Buy Poison Just Use Coke or Pepsi

Indian farmers find a use for Corporate Cola. Why buy poison retail when you can get it at wholesale prices? This is a great video of an unintended consequences of pesticide contamination in Coke and Pepsi sold in India […]

January 21, 13
We Are All Processed People In A Processed World
Health Health & Nutrition Organic

When they’re not busy picking our pockets, or telling us we have to give up liberties in order to have freedom, they’re selling us garbage and telling us it’s food. Last time I checked, the manufactured food business is bigger than Big […]

January 03, 4
Research Proves Sugar Is Addictive
Health Health & Nutrition

A study offers scientific proof for what many dieters already know: Sugar is addictive. The research showed binging on sugar can act on the brain in ways very similar to a drug abuse. It can produced behavioral and neurochemical…

December 10, 7
About 1 in 9 US Kids Use Alternative Medicine
Health Health & Nutrition

Just like their parents, kids are taking supplements from fish oil to ginseng, a sign of just how mainstream alternative medicine has become. More than one in nine children and teens try those remedies and other nontraditional options. Their parents’ practices played a big role. Kids were five times more likely to use alternative […]

December 10, 5
Appetite For Organic Food Wilts As Economy Suffers
Health Health & Nutrition

The rotten economy is eating into sales of organic foods as fewer Americans put these often costly groceries on their plates. Overall sales of organic food are still rising, though the industry’s robust growth of recent decades is tapering off. Many devotees of organic foods are not willing to cut back though they say […]

December 09, 8
Vermont Healthiest State; Louisiana Deemed Unhealthiest
Health Health & Nutrition

Vermont is the healthiest U.S. state, while Louisiana is the least healthy, according to the 19th annual America’s Health Rankings report, issued by the United Health Foundation, the American Public Health Association, and the Partnership for Prevention advocacy group. The rankings are based on 22 health measures […]

December 09, 3

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