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The Mystery of Blue Ginger
Health Health & Nutrition

I was at the grocery store yesterday when I noticed something I’d never seen… Blue Ginger. I was incredibly intrigued…it looked like ginger but had white flesh and pinkish skin with reddish brown rings. I decided to buy some and do a little research on this new herb I discovered. Turns out that…

July 23, 5
A Simple Guide to: What is High Cholesterol?
Health Health & Nutrition

What is cholesterol? How much is to much cholesterol? Is cholesterol good or bad? Do I even need cholesterol? Over 40% of Americans have high cholesterol, but many have no idea what it is. I’ve created a simple guide to help demystify this fatty substance we call cholesterol.

July 21, 12
Are You Protecting Your Heart by Eating Turmeric
Health & Nutrition

The compound that gives curry spice powder its yellowish color may protect arteries from fatty buildup, new research in mice shows. Curcumin, the main ingredient in the curry spice turmeric, is a naturally occurring antioxidant known as a polyphenol. Polyphenols are found in plants that have anti-inflammatory and…

July 21, 12
Don’t Miss the Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the Century

A total solar eclipse passing over some of Earth’s most densely populated regions will occur on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, and may become the most viewed eclipse ever. The next solar eclipse that’ll last that long won’t occur until 2132. If your location doesn’t permit you to see the eclipse directly, worry not, as you can still follow it online.

July 21, 1
What Your Tongue is Telling You About Your Health
Health Health & Nutrition

You may not give your tongue much thought, but chances are your doctor does. Telling a patient to stick out their tongue is a valid way to start examining someone, says Dr. Jordan S. Josephson, attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. In fact, in Chinese medicine they believe that the tongue…

July 20, 4
Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera
Health Health & Nutrition Superfoods

Aloe Vera benefits for health have just been popular since lately years ago. All of the hundreds of varieties of Aloe Vera around the world have benefits to our body. You can use it for external treatment or consume it, both have their own purposes. Aloe Vera’s rich content of…

July 18, 6
5 Plants You Can Easily Grow Organically In Your Home
Eco-Living Organic

For some of us gardening in a traditional garden just isn’t a reality. Much of the population is packed into large cities with little to no green space to speak of. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your own plants and some of your own food. I would also have to advise that if you’re interested in actually…

July 17, 8
Monsanto Does ‘Dust and Ditch’ Destroying Local Organic Farm
Environment Organic

A family farm in Iowa is only a few months shy of receiving their formal certification as an organic farm, when to their horror, a rustic-looking old biplane owned by Monsanto, swooped in to spray toxic fungicide on their fields. Monsanto basically laughs in their face saying…

July 16, 42
Is Cheap Food Worth Risking Your Life?
Health Health & Nutrition Organic

According to the latest statistics, more than 75 million Americans are sentient about their health and the environment that they are willing to pay more for all-organic products, despite the present economic state. These organic consumers are aware that healthy living is to eat organic, as fresh unpreserved organic foods contain…

July 15, 2
World’s Largest Solar Project Planned for Saharan Desert
Eco-Living Environment

Can you imagine harnessing sufficient quantities of solar power to supply electricity to cities in Africa and cities in Europe, maybe the world? Did you know if just 0.3% of the Saharan Desert was used for a solar plant, it would produce enough power to provide all of Europe with clean renewable energy. Amazingly this is…

July 14, 6
Top 10 Green Eating Tips
Eco-Living Organic

Eating green is perhaps the most impactful single act we engage in. The products we buy all have very specific impacts — from where the cows graze before supplying your milk, to how near your home your bread is baked. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple; there are numerous factors throughout the entire life…

July 13, 5
Has the Recession Taken Its Toll On Your Eating Habits?
Health Health & Nutrition Organic

If the answer is yes, you would obviously not be alone, so there are no shockers in this bit of news: Organic farmers, reports the New York Times, have been hit hard by the recession, and many appear to be giving up certification and natural farming techniques for more conventional farming. So its bad news…

July 11, 2
Whole Foods to Use New ‘Non-GMO’ Seal
Health Health & Nutrition Organic

Whole Foods Market has partnered with the Non-GMO Project to test its private label products for genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), a move company officials say will help consumers make more informed food choices. As much as 75 percent of the processed food in the U.S. may contain parts of genetically modified…

July 11, 1
Fluoride Linked To Cancer
Health Health & Nutrition

Well, in case you didn’t know it, fluoride is highly toxic. In fact, before fluoride was deemed a cavity fighter, it was used as insecticide and rat poison. Fluoride now appears to have the potential to initiate or promote cancers, particularly of the…

July 09, 8
Was Ancient Earth A Green Planet
Environment Health Health & Nutrition

Earth’s landmasses in the late Precambrian probably weren’t pleasant, but at least they were green. A new analysis of limestone rocks laid down between 1 billion and 500 million years ago suggests that there was extensive plant life on land much earlier than previously thought. Amazingly the plants…

July 09, 9
Bottled Water Companies Refuse to Disclose Where Water Comes From
Health Health & Nutrition

Neither the public nor federal regulators have any idea what’s in most of the water from bottled water companies. Should you be drinking it? Bottled water makers make millions off people who believe their products are purer than tap water, but consumers do not realize…

July 09, 5
Path of Alternative Health Begins with Yoga and Meditation
Health Health & Nutrition Mind & Body

Yoga is the foremost method in alternative health. This comes in a form of physical exercise, meditation, concentration and spiritual healing. Yoga opens an avenue to improve the way we look at life in general. There are numerous benefits of yoga as an alternative health practice. As time passes by, there are many…

July 07, 4
Do Self-Help Mantras ‘Makes You Feel Worse’?
Health Health & Nutrition Mind & Body

Canadian researchers found those with low self-esteem actually felt worse after repeating positive statements about themselves. They said phrases such as “I am a lovable person” only helped people with high self-esteem. A UK psychologist said people based their feelings about…

July 06, 5
USDA Organic Labels Not to be Trusted
Health Health & Nutrition Organic

When is organic not organic? There is a huge uproar about the term organic, as in organic food. Lots of major food corporations want to cash in and have been cashing in. When the U.S. Government gets involved and allows crony capitalists to control and ruin everything that’s…

July 06, 12

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