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What’s On My Food? FREE iPhone App Gives You The Scary Details!

What’s On My Food? FREE iPhone App Gives You The Scary Details!

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What's On My Food? Free iPhone App Gives You The Scary Details!
(OrganicJar) Put that apple down and review its pesticide count on this iPhone app before taking a bite. Did you know that there are 42 different pesticides residues on conventional apples! 7 are known carcinogens, 19 hormone disruptors, 10 neurotoxins, 6 development/reproductive toxins and 17 residues that are toxic to honey bees. While organic apples have only 3 pesticide residues...total. I'm a huge supporter of buying organic and especially locally grown food. Our body is our temple and even though eating an apple with 42 'known' pesticide residues won't kill you, who knows what happens when you eat those apples for 10, 20, 30 years along with all the other foods laden with pesticides. To say that it wouldn't have an effect on our body or mind is foolish in my eyes. So for those of you who want to know what pesticide residues are in your food, check out the FREE iPhone app: What's On My Food. It has a database of over 90 foods so far and growing.

Where The Data Comes From

The information uses data from toxicology data cross-referenced with multiple authoritative listings, PAN's Pesticide Info database, which tracks toxicity, chemical composition and regulatory information on thousands of pesticides, and millions of tests from USDA's Pesticide Data Program. With it, you can see which health risks are associated with particular pesticides, a conventional vs organic comparison on most of the foods, and links to more information and ways you can take action.

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Source: whatsonmyfood.com Image: iTunes, Jekrub

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  1. This is awesome, and can really make you think twice before you consider eating something.

  2. Now this is some specific information that is handy and accessible. Thank you!

  3. I do have Nextnutrio iPhone App for a 2 week now I love it; I scanned all my food items with this app; I am surprised with the deep knowledge of this App. check it out.

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