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Oil Spill: Why is this 100% Organic Solution Being Ignored?

Oil Spill: Why is this 100% Organic Solution Being Ignored?

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Oil Spill: Why is this 100% Organic Solution Being Ignored?


(OrganicJar) St Petersburg, Florida -- With the disaster in the Gulf keeping everyone on edge looking for a solution, the answer might lay in material manufactured by a Colombian company with an office in Florida. The company, Global Environmental Technology, has a product that is 100 percent organic and was invented in 1998 by its president, Carlos Forero. He won science competitions in Switzerland and Austria for the product, which encapsulates oil and cleans the material up. Not only does the product clean up the oil, it can also be recycled for use afterwards. In addition, if birds are contaminated, the product can used for them as well. You would think that with the disaster in the Gulf, and oil spilling out and heading to the beaches, the Coast Guard would be interested in the product. However, the company says all they are getting is red tape and getting nowhere. Liz Cabot, Forero's sister, says the Coast Guard said come back when they got EPA approval. When EPA reviewed the product and said it could be used, the company went back to the Coast Guard and Cabot says they were told they had to fill out paperwork. Cabot says they have been waiting and waiting for the paperwork to clear. And while the paperwork is being cleared, the oil continues to spread in the Gulf. Source: wtsp.com

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  1. Awesome post and extremely interesting. Recently spoke with a guy who developed a similar organically based product. His product was developed from Peat Moss and is highly effective in cleaning up oil spills especially when the oil sat in water. He dedicated nearly a decade of his work cleaning up the Exxon Valdez spill. He said, there are numerous products on the market that have been around for years and are highly effective in soaking up and cleaning oil. The real problem is that Oil Companies do not want to soak up the oil in this manner because it will deem the oil useless and invaluable. As long as the oil remains in the water, it can be reclaimed by the oil company, refined and then sold. It seems like the real problem may be more to do about the Oil Companies protecting Their Number One Asset: Oil rather than protecting Our Number One Asset: The Environment.

  2. The sad truth is that all or almost all major corporations are based on endless greed.

    There is no incentive for them to stop. They know no spirituality, no karma. They will only be stopped when people decide they won’t put up with them.

    Too many people are still asleep, and the media tries to keep them that way. People need to wake up to fix society and the world. The current way of life is a dead-end.

    Many many alternatives like this one are much better. But they won’t be used under the control of the people in power. Because it’s all tied back to profit. And great solutions, products, inventions, etc. like these eat away at their profit. How short-sighted they are to see they will have to go sooner or later. It is not sustainable.

  3. Although this concept is great, this article is written quite poorly. There are many natural, even organic mechanisms that could be potentially used to clean this careless disaster. This article claims to have a 100% organic method but does not specify what this is. If an article is going to be critical on the whats going on in the gulf coast, it is not going to be valid if you don’t explain what your talking about. Great try, but come on put a little effort in!

  4. colOmbian please! columbia is the school, this mistake pains me! :)

  5. There are many alternative materials and solutions that are not being used, such as hair booms, which the Coast Guard and the company say are not feasible for this spill. (I don’t have an opinion on this as I don’t know.) Additionally, mushrooms are another alternative and have been highly effective; however there are not enough mushrooms to handle a spill like this one. My first question about the GET product is: Could they supply enough product to handle the BP spill? And my second question: Are they looking at other markets, which are being affected (i.e. Cuba, Caribbean) by this spill? Other countries that don’t have the same bureaucratic processes are more likely to want to look into a product like this one vs. the U.S. But a bigger question, besides what is being shown in the video, have they done any testing of this product? Neither governments nor companies are going to purchase it for a major spill and hope that it works.

  6. You are all missing something – the current administration does not want this cleaned up – it is going to be their excuse to gain more control and shove through more government regulation and policy in the name of environmental protection. For crying out loud – it only took Obama more than 50 days to say anything about it. And meanwhile, while they play politics, people’s livelihood and our beaches are being destroyed and the oil just keeps going. Numerous organic solutions including simply soaking up the oil with hay …but no one is listening – we are the small people who don’t know what America should look like, remember? Poppy cock – its all in the name of this administration’s political agenda.

  7. There’s obviously a lot going on behind the scenes of this disaster. None of us can see all aspects yet. But it is uplifting to hear about new clean-up technology that is organic. (And yes, I too would like to know what organic material this one uses.) Let’s focus our thoughts on getting these beautiful green methods into the Gulf and out of red tape land.

  8. THE FEDS are not going to use this EARTH & HUMAN friendly substance because THEY DONT WANT TO! Just take a look around. ALL this economic, governmental, POISONS IN OUR FOOD AIR WATER….medical, societal, state and federal CHAOS is happening by DESIGN! WE ARE ALL JUST PAWNS IN THE Global elite’s game of profit & power! THE OIL SPILL WAS INTENTIONAL to cause chaos and fatten the pockets of corporations! GET READY AMERICA!! total collapse coming to a neighborhood near you!

  9. REALLY pissed that the oil continues to spread when we have been offered a perfectly good solution…obviously no major corporations of government officials are going to have their wallets bulge by using it. You guys SUCK!

  10. If you are interested in organics, check out High Quality Organics: http://www.hqorganics.com.

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