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JUICER CONTEST! Who Has The Better Juicer: Braun? Omega? Breville?

JUICER CONTEST! Who Has The Better Juicer: Braun? Omega? Breville?

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JUICER CONTEST! Who Has The Better Juicer: Braun? Omega? Breville?
(OrganicJar) So my friends and I decided to have a 'Juice Off'! I wanted to see who had the better juicer. I of course said I did, but I could be partial to my omega juicer. We took each of our juicers (see more info about them below) and tested quantity and quality of the juice and pulp produced as well as how easy they are to clean. Oh and we measured out 6 oz of raw organic carrots to keep it fair. Make sure to watch the video and let us know who you think won!

The Contenders:


Model: MP 75 Type: 4235 Cost: FREE (from craigslist.com) PROS: - Portable - Lightweight - Perfect Price They actually don’t make this juicer, the Braun MP-75 anymore, which is maybe why we found it on craigslsit.com for free but I have seen them on ebay. I have to say I was extremely impressed at how well this juicer performed. I liked that it was small, lightweight and relatively easy to clean. This is great if you’re an occasional juicer or travel a lot. It doesn’t extract as much juice as it should, which means the pulp is not as dry as the other juicers.


Model: 8005 Cost: $260 PROS: - Juices Wheat Grass - Makes Nut Butters - Easy to Clean This is my beautiful juicer, which I spent 2 weeks researching and in my opinion is amazing! The Omega 8005 Juicer is the most effective single gear masticating juicer on the market. Designed and engineered for health-conscious people who want greater variety in their juicing routine, the Omega 8005 Juicer has the ability to juice everything from fruits and vegetables and can even make nut butters. In my opinion what makes this the best juicer is how easy it is to clean and it'll juice wheat grass! Even though (when u watch the video) it doesn’t extract as much juice as the Breville, that is easily compensated for by how easy it is to clean. Its also very quite and doesn’t take up that much space.


Model: 800JEXL Cost: $260 PROS: - Extremely Fast - Titanium Cutting Disc - Two Speeds This is Lisa Paris's juicer, she calls it the Cadillac of juicers and she's correct….right down to its gigantic size. The Breville 800JEXL Fountain Elite Juicer has commercial performance. It's 1000 watts power up to 13,000 RPM for up to 30% more juice than traditional juicers. In the video you can clearly see it does produce the most amount of juice and the pulp is by far the driest. It uses a titanium cutting disc and uses a stainless steel micromesh filter. The cutting disc is so powerful that pineapple can be juiced in large chunks with the rind on.

Who Won?

I'm very curious to see what juicer all of you thought won! Please make sure to leave a quick comment and let us know. Cheers! Jason


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  1. I would say Courtney’s is the wettest, but really…all of the pulp looks great to me.

  2. I demand a rematch and Olympic style drug testing prior to the next juice off. The Breville has been linked to performance enhancing drugs in the past. Go Omega!!!!

  3. hey buddy! thanks for checking out the video. Hope all is well in Chicago :)

  4. Between Jason’s and Lisa’s…very close, but I have to choose Lisa’s. Thanks for doing the research for me!

  5. Second attempt…

    I love the video. It seems like you had a lot of fun doing it.

    Suggestion: Don’t race. Ease of use of the machine is the important part and it’s easy to determine by looking at how easily user puts veggies into juicer. Rushing through a race simply adds human error possibility (as was the case with spills and carrots getting stuck).

    I think the most important thing to demonstrate in the first portion is efficiency; How well does it extract juice. Which isn’t dependent on speed.

    The cleaning will be exactly as it appears on your second video.

    PS: Try different items. For example beets or apples.

    On Twitter as @glycotrainer

  6. omega masticating. chomp chomp. chomp. and has nut butter/pasta versatility!

  7. Breville, no question but all of them are a pain to clean. I prefer my Vitamix. Pulpy juice but you are getting everything from the fruits and vegetables, no waste. And you only have to clean the pitcher which takes five seconds. Fabulous!

  8. That was a lot of fun Jason… you did a GREAT job of the video… love the music, love the overlays & love the pictures of the Juicers…. you did wonderful putting it all together… I know it must have been a lot of hard work/ late nights!


  9. Love the vid. It was like a UFC Match in the Produce Section- brilliant. Looked awesome Jason, great work Court. Let’s get our shoot on in 2010:)

  10. Lisa won, but I do think you would have made more and better juice if you did the process slower.

  11. Very interesting, but hands down Breville Won. I have a Jack Lalenne juicer that does everything but nuts, and a few other small restrictions. It’s easy to clean and cost me $100.00 5 years ago. I use it about 4 to 5 time a month in the winter…..way more in the summer and never had any mechanical problems. Yes, the VitaMix is an awesome, and very expensive machine………

  12. I love the Omega, but cost is a factor for me! Had to go with the lessor expensive Hamilton Beach-had best reviews for lower cost juicer. But my next one will definitely be the Omega!

  13. Lisa won of course

  14. Lisa Won in sheer yield, as this test primarily tested yield. There are many factors besides yield, such as juice quality, clean up time, etc. I challenge you to do the same test with 10 oz of kale.. Jason would win hands down. Its best to pick the juicer that will yield the most of what you intend to juice most often. As well as taking other factors into consideration (price, ease of cleaning, quality of juice, speed of cleaning, multifunctions (nut butters, “ice” cream, etc). I feel juicing green leaves is where its at.

  15. It will sound strange, but personally my favorite juicer is an attachment for the Kitchen Aid food processor. The #1 reason is it’s easy and does a great job, but the #2 reason…aptly, is that cleanup is so easy…the hopper is HUGE and it is VERY easy to remove the fruit/vegetable fibre, and everything but the motor just goes into the dishwasher. Quick, easy, and cleanup is no a snap! No crap (#2, get it? *smirk*).

  16. Does anyone own a jack lalanne tiger juicer? any feed back u can give will be great!! it differs from the power juicer, but i can not seem to find any info on it.

  17. Lisa! Driest pulp! Jason’s seems messier with those two bins. But we didn’t get to see the clean up!

  18. Lisa will won

  19. Hi Jason,
    Once again, you educated me on blenders and believe it or not, we’re looking for a new right one now! Just don’t want to pay that much for one. Not rolling in dough right now, if you know what I mean…

    Sorry, but Lisa had the machine dope over you guys…
    But, it probably took her longer to clean it.

    Take care,

  20. Definetly Lisa with the Breville. The Lamborghini of Juicers.

  21. In the beginning I really thought it was a tie between Jason and Lisa. Although Lisa’s produced a bit more juice, the Omega can make nut butters and other cool, yummy things that Lisa’s can’t. And then I saw the cleaning of the machines. After watching that, I’ll be buying the Omega. Thanks Jason!

  22. My guess is that the Breville won since they make awesome juicers. Now I’m off to see the video to see if I’m right ;)

  23. I would say for this contest which was just carrots, that Lisa won. But if you were to juice wheat grass, I bet Jason would have won.

    I am trying to decide right now between a Champion Juicer which is $300 and the Breville (Lisa’s) They are the same cost. I’ve hear the Breville does not juice soft fruits very well, and it can’t make nut butters, or juice wheat grass, but the champion juicer can.

    Any advice?

  24. Lisa won. I have a Norwalk and a Breville Elite. The Breville Elite is an amzining and awesome juicer. When it comes to ease of use, cleaning, amount of time etc. the Breville is the best.
    My only concern with the Brevelle is that I heard the way it does the juicing exraction kills the live enzymes??? I use them both and I will share my opinion again. The Breville is way faster, easier and quicker to use and clean and really, they produce about the same amount of juice.
    Anyone know the facts about the enzymes?

  25. I believe Lisa won. I am going with the Breville. Drier pulp means more of my money goes into the intended outcome…juice! I do love nut butter, however I do not want to clean that mess! Thank all of you for your hard work. This was both informative and entertaining!!

  26. One more thing!!! Amazon has the Breville at $256.00 FREE SHIPPING!!

  27. The Breville by far. My favorite.

  28. Making it a race was silly and gives an advantage to a rapidly spinning centrifuge juicer. Plus, only using carrots made it a poor comparison. Hard vegetable such as carrots are the easiest for a centrifuge machine such as the Breville and Braun, while only juicing carrots by themselves are just about the weakest point of the Omega 8005. The Omega produces a juice with little air mixed into it, while all centrifuge juicers put lots of air into their juice and oxidation starts immediately. The Omega 8004 has a 15-year warranty, and the company has been in the juicer business since the 1950s. I don’t know the warranty that the Breville or Braun have. The 8004 is very easy and quick to clean. The Omega does an excellent job with other produce such as leafy greens and even wheat grass, which are big weaknesses of centrifuge juicers. The pulp from the Omega can be put back through the machine several times fairly easily, increasing the yield, whereas putting the pulp back through a centrifuge machine hardly increases the yield at all, since you don’t really get their blades to work on the pulp again. The Omega is quiet, the Breville sounds like a jet plane taking off. Plus the Omega has those other function, if you care about them. Dr. Max Gerson found many years ago, when centrifuge juicers first appeared on the market, that he couldn’t heal his most seriously ill patients with the juice from those machines. He didn’t have anything like the Omega 8004 around to experiment with, but its method of crushing the juice out of the produce is much closer to the hydraulic press juicer that Gerson had success with.

  29. The Omega 8003/8005 have 10-year warranties on the entire juicer. The newer Omega 8004/8006 have 15-year warranties on the entire juicer. All Breville juicers have a 1-year warranties, probably on the entire juicer. Don’t know about the Braun.

  30. This is why i bought the Omega. Nutrition is why you juice. The food processor answer is clearly missing out as well.

  31. Breville 800JEXL liquid water fall professional 1000-Watt juice collectors’ assessment ; your graco Nautilus 3-In-1 child car seat product or service assessment ; spotting the revolutionary uses associated with …juicer

  32. There’s 2 major forms of juicers which are utilized ; centrifugal as well as masticating juicer. Centrifugal juicers run by means of a set slicing knife that’s …juicer

  33. I loved watching the 3 of you! There is though a couple of things that I would have loved to have seen in the videos. 1) It’s better that the juicer is slow not faster, the faster the juicer the more air that gets mixed with the juice. 2) Make sure the juicer is BPA free, if not then your juice will be putting chemicals into your juice and you’ll just be drinking tainted juice for the lack of a better word. 3) The fruits and veggies should be organic, you don’t want to be drinking GMO’s.

    Happy Juicing :)

  34. This is fine if all you want to juice is carrots and other hard fruits and veggies. All serious juicers want to juice greens as well. Lets see a rematch with things like kale and spinach. Also, how about juicing apples and then seeing which one turns brown first.

    BTW, I also own the exact same Bruan and I got it for free as well. A great way to try out juicing and see if it’s for you. Bun now, I’m saving up for an Omega 8006 ;)

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