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Reduce Your Stress With These Powerful Herbs

Reduce Your Stress With These Powerful Herbs

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Reduce Your Stress With These Powerful Herbs (OrganicJar) Stress is a powerful emotion that is a factor in numerous illnesses including depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, and high blood pressure. It’s believed that practically every illness has stress as a contributing factor which is why we should do what we can to minimize it. Our society has a difficult time trying to relax but there is no escape from stress in today’s world. Reducing this stress is vital to living a healthy life, so we all must learn how to cope with it. Herbs have been used for 100’s of years and are a great, effective, inexpensive alternative to today’s drugs. Here are some of my favorites: Kava - is an ancient crop of the Western Pacific. It is primarily used to relax without disrupting mental clarity. It’s great for improved concentration, anxiety, stress relief and insomnia. St. John’s Wort – is an ancient herb that is a flowering plant. ("Wort" is an old English word for an herb or plant.) It is primarily used to treat depression and anxiety. It can also be used to treat mild bruises and burns. Hops - are the female flower cones of the hop plant (also used in brewing of beer). It is used to treat nervous disorders, irritability, insomnia and sleep disorders because of its calming effect. Chamomile – has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It is used for sleep disorders, anxiety, intestinal conditions, skin infections and inflammation. Valerian – has also been used for thousands of years. It is used to improve sleep patterns, has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and promotes relaxation. Passion Flower - acts like a sedative and is used for restlessness, anxiety, and agitation. As with all heath supplements, make sure to consult your physician or qualified herbal professional before taking any herbal stress reduction treatments or other herbal supplements. I would really enjoy hearing some of the ways you deal with stress, so leave me a comment and help educate us all. Source: readersdigest wikipedia

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to see.

  2. Merci beaucoup…

  3. I feel management of stress is critical these days. Technology seems to induce a form of perpetual stress in people. Studies seem to be showing that wireless technologies and cell phones CAUSE stress. Our over consumption of Coffee is simply making the problem worse, creating elevated Cortisol levels in peoples bodies for 24/7. This is really bad news..

    Lavender is very good for stress, in some studies, the mere scent of it drops cortisol levels by a significant margin. This isn’t synthetic lavender, actual pure essential oil. Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Soap is great, 2tbsp in a running hot bath will result in a “Milky” bath that smells sublime, and offers some amazing relaxation properties. 10-15 minutes in that, and your troubles melt away.

    A lot of people report success with Bach’s Remedies. The Sleep one is the best, it’s the same ingredients as the daytime one but with 1 more added to stop repetitive thoughts. I’ve ordered some for testing, it is cheap.

    Certain Mushrooms may be very valuable for not only stress, but fighting the inflammatory responses to stress. Early studies seem to be proving some are adaptogen in nature, improving the body resistance to stress. Another double blind study found some mushrooms effective for neurasthenia, which is a chronic exhaustion from nerve stress. I can’t vouch for all of this personally, but I have ordered some Mushroom Supplements for testing. Mycodefense from “Nature’s Way” is an extremely potent mix, and is very cost effective. That’s the one I ordered.

    Getting out into nature seems to help stress, as does meditation, yoga and prayer. Lay in your bed, and enter into deep prayer, and your stress will melt away.

    I believe it will be critical for our sanity, and survival to manage stress properly until people wake up and realize that our modern technological lifestyles are actually killing us – slowly – but still killing us!

  4. twitter – your absolutely correct, we all have to learn to manage stress. I do yoga several times a week, and recently started to meditate, which is harder than I thought. To help, I light a candle and star at the flame, its more relaxing than I had ever imagined.

  5. hey, is there a section just for latest info?

  6. Good work done, regarding herbs to reduce stress.

    Similarly diabetes herbs has the ability to nourish pancreas, liver and small intestine and bring back its normal functioning thus blood glucose is controlled and diabetes may be cured.

    Remember scientific studies too start accepting herbs for the treatment of diabetes, visit http://healthy-ojas.com/diabetes/diabetes-herbs.html for diabetes natural herbs, with links to scientific evidence for diabetes herbs.

  7. I read your whole article and I loved your article. Yoga today is very important in people’s life. There is work load and stress at work place so for reducing this stress yoga has become necessary. It keeps the people fit and fine away from all the health problems. And I have some good yoga tips at http://www.jiyohealthy.com/category/stress/

  8. Anxiety and depression is one hell of a nasty disease. even if you have everything but if you have clinical depression, you are still nothing.”;`

  9. herbal supplements are more preffered because it is organic.*.`

  10. anxiety and depression are hard to treat if the patient has not been checked for years.'”`

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