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WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms

WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms

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(OrganicJar) WWOOF, it stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. I hadn’t heard of this organization until today when I came across it while doing some research. I figured it would be interesting to do a quick post on. Basically, it’s an organization that networks people who have a passion for organic farming with farmers who are in need of volunteer help. Here is some quick info. about it: Where: It’s anywhere; there are farms in need of your help and enthusiasm for organic farming all over. From Denmark, Canada, Ecuador, Sierra Leone to the Philippines. When: You can sign up anytime, you just have to go to the country specific website and initiate the process. What: Typically the host farm will provide lodging and food. You may also acquire new skill sets regarding the operation of an organic farm. Why: Maybe you need a 1 month or 3 month break from the drudgery of your current job. In most instances, you’ll be forging new friendships and allow cross-cultural exchange to take place. How: Here is their website; check it out or maybe you have someone you know who may be interested. http://www.wwoof.org/ If you know of anyone that’s been involved with WWOOF or a similar organization, please post a comment and let the OrganicJar community hear your story. Source: wwoof.org

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  1. Hi! Great post – investigated the site. Their US site is not quite up and running…

    We will need more and more organic growers. Around the world, more and more generational country farmers are moving into the cities and giving up their age old farming techniques.

    They have many lifetimes of experience raising the best food possible… and its on its way to becoming a lost art.

    If we mix the old with the new, we can perfect the techniques and make organic farming easier for the farmer.

    Organic farmers are a noble breed – they deserve our highest respect for all they struggle through.

    Larger companies are attempting to switch over. They will need gentle policing as they tend to think “profits” rather than pure organics.

    Individual organic farmers are truly heroes. They need our support. If we buy organic, we won’t need to buy nor eat as much and thus, we can save money, even.

    We can supplement by growing beautiful food in containers.

    Companies such as Monsanto are hopeful that they will take over all food crop farming using GMO, hybrids and specialized pesticides. This will insure eternal profits.

    Since most seed flies through the air, Monsanto most probably hopes (good business after all) that their seed genomes will dispurse throughout the globe so that all organic farmers can be charged either criminally or financially for involuntary inclusion of patented genetic material.

    Although this may be a great business move on the part of companies such as Monsanto, it’s bad for those who love the flavor, nutrition and benefits of eating pure organic. And heirloom, by the way.

    Ironically, most high quality gourmet restaurants (who cater to CEOs and the like) usually buy organic or natural fruits, vegetables, grains and meats. What would they do if organics disappeared?

    We can start growing in our own backyards and even in containers… It’s easier than most people think.

    Just the other day we had home grown herb salad – phenomenal. My friend’s chicken’s eggs with herbs is better than fillet mignon…

    It’s amazing what we all can do with just a little effort!

    In the end, it’s all up to us!

  2. How timely! I was just looking into WWOOF last night on my own. The US site is http://www.wwoofusa.org. It appears to be working fine. I’m going through some major changes in my personal life and have been considering volunteering at an organic farm while I’m doing some personal growth work. Anyone else have experience WWOOFing or have a farm to recommend? thank you!

  3. Dustin,
    Yeah, that sounds like a perfect combination….personal growth work supplemented with volunteering on an organic farm in another country, wow. Good luck with your endeavors. Let us know if you end up going forward with it.

    Found this website during a random browse and am very interested in what I read and saw. I too have a desire to do all I can to contribute to saving this wonderous planet. All of nature to me is so beautiful and mind-boggling in it’s ability to sustain itself despite the ongoing abuse it receives from human beings, not really understanding the consequences of their nonchalant or careless actions resulting in further ‘pollution’ of the earth. There is so much I would like to do in many different ways and to offer this as a contribution that would be a priviledge to ‘give back’ while I live on this planet. My interests are PEOPLE and EARTH. The latter encompasses the first and includes of course, environmental/nature preservation as well as preservation of all its other creatures; an essential part of our earth evvironment; ‘the companions of man – and woman!’ – smile. From the age of six, I think, I wanted to either be a veterinarian or paediatrician, so basically an animal or ‘earth’ doctor. I would refer to a paediatrician as an ‘earth doctor’ because human beings are an integral part of the earth environment and their actions can either heal and preserve ‘the land’ or quite literally harm and destroy it. In Michael Jackson’s ‘As it is’ rehearsal video/’movie’, he mentions that ‘we’ have only 4 years in which to correct the damage already caused environmentally and if we do not accomplish this, the further damage caused will be irreversible. Right NOW we have something of a chance. I guess the irreversible picture would be very similar to that potrayed in the film ‘2012; ‘we were warned’, as the advert posters read. . . I think perhaps the most powerful or most effective way to ‘reach’ or have human beings understand the massive impact they as individuals have on their physical environment is simply through ‘CARE’. When human beings become present to or aware of being cared for, they discover value in themselves and with this comes a deeper desire for self-preservation which naturally leads to a desire to preserve too what they will then be able to perceive and appreciate as necessary for this preservation and well being, namely other people and the physical world they live in. When people are ‘in health’ and take responsibility for maintaining this experience of health and when support for the maintaining of personal health comes from an ethical and ‘individual-empowering’ team of health care professionals as well as responsibly practising alternative therapists, it emphasises the grave and priviledged responsiblity the world’s health care system has to people in their care and this responsibility I believe involves ‘updating’ and transforming their treatment focus toward empowering rather than ‘overopowering’ patient’s/ clients, allowing the public they serve to acknowledge their own capacity for and with that their own responsibility in maintaining balanced health and well being with the supportive backing of the facilities and specialist technology at their fingertips. Once a human being discovers their own inner reserves for causing and maintaining health, it is a profoundly personal and empowering experience which creates a real desire to live life with fullness and with that a desire to contribute to taking care of the earth – the source of that physical life. So finally, (smile). I have joined this site to keep abreast with what positive work is being done to preserve our ‘source of life’, the earth and it has also given me encouragement to explore the possibility of fulfilling a career in Medicin. I wonder if in the immediate communities where ‘WWOOF’ offers farm placements, there are medical projects or institutions where I could garner some medical experience to support my medical school application? I’ll explore this site further to find a list of WWOOF locations and begin researching for some info about possible opportunities like this. Wish me success! Thanks. Anyone who reads this share – feel free to share in response :o)

    p.s. the membership fees to join WWOOF are extremely reasonable, making this programme very accessible. It is an EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY.

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