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Why Buy Poison Just Use Coke or Pepsi

Why Buy Poison Just Use Coke or Pepsi

Posted in Environment
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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fpEgurO-ec&eurl[/youtube] (OrganicJar) Indian farmers find a use for Corporate Cola. Why buy poison retail when you can get it at wholesale prices? This is a great video of an unintended consequences of pesticide contamination in Coke and Pepsi sold in India. Source: brasschecktv

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  1. Wow. Not that I drink the stuff, but I wish those who did would listen and assimilate all this info out there that should convince them to abstain. The question also asks that perhaps US coke and pepsi are no different, but that our testing standards are lower?

  2. You ought to check out Reddrox. Lisa Marie is addressing the whole healthy hydrating drink issue.

  3. Haley – I agree I wish people would understand how terrible it is to drink that stuff.

    Shining Gem – I’ll Check out Reddrox, sounds interesting.

  4. Whenever I read something like this, I try to be objective and get both sides of the story. Don’t get me wrong, any soda especially diet soda (ASPARTAME!!!) is really bad for you. But I still think people should consider the validity and if there are any political motives with this report. So reporting responsibly should include not broadcasting something that may not be substantially proven, even when we know that soda is horrible for you.


  5. The info on this site certainly looks like it was copied from NaturalNews.com. It is helpful you are getting decent health info out, but you should give credit where credit is due…

  6. This video isn’t true, it’s a publicity stunt because people in India hate coke for their plants poisoning the environment and drying up local water supplies. They’re doing everything they can to discredit it.

    There isn’t enough pesticide in this coke to do anything to bugs, it’s in the parts per trillion. Or around 1 drop in an Olympic swimming pool.

    While I AGREE all sodas are pretty lousy to drink, this isn’t one of the reasons for that. It’s the HFCS and Tap Water used in the creation of them that makes them junk.

    In the old days Coke used natural cane sugar, and spring water. It was actually pretty tasty and not as bad for you. (although not very good either) But profits motivate companies to cut corners, which always result in a negative impact on consumers.. It’s all about the money.

  7. Loved your insight!! For once someone got everything correct!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? :)

  8. When I first watched this video I was shocked. The biggest problem is there’s very little corporate regulations on any products in the majority of other countries. The Philippines is one of the worst, our food corporations are literally doing science experiments with them.

  9. Dear Organicjar.com

    I would like to extend my full support to you and what you are doing to help this planet.

    God Bless all of us coming together to save all life…

    Please email me for any request to help in anyway.

    Lisa Marie, ReddRox and Pass4kids.org

  10. Insects are attracted to sugar. Spraying a field with Cola would attract ants and other insects like crazy. Why are activists always willing to lie to get people to buy into thier BS? By the way organic farming is a huge scam, if every farm was organic we would have a huge famine. Ever noticed that organic produce is way more expensive, and smaller and less tasty?

  11. @ John, why you dumb? Organic is the best and the most healthy way to grow! Pesticides are killing you and you children! All farm that use pesticides should be closed down and converted to organic. The prices of organic should be dropped as the pesticide farms close. The reason pesticide food is cheaper is because they WANT to kill you, they WANT to drop the population! The spend way more on pesticides! Organic is cheaper to grow, the only reason it’s more expensive is because it’s healthier. Like I said they want you to eat the pesticide so that you, everyone and I die out slowly. That IS why it is cheaper. “Here eat this poison” <————- is what they are saying behind closed doors.

  12. Wow… if pepsi and coca cola can kill weeds what else can they kill?

  13. U didnt no thats lol. It can eat through a steak in less than 24 hours too lol. Still not as strong as the acid in your own body so its totally safe to drink and delicious! Haha

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