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We Are All Processed People In A Processed World

We Are All Processed People In A Processed World

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(OrganicJar) When they're not busy picking our pockets, or telling us we have to give up liberties in order to have freedom, they're selling us garbage and telling us it's food. Last time I checked, the manufactured food business is bigger than Big Oil and that kind of money buys inconceivably large amounts of propaganda, misinformation and corrupted science. "Eat food"...What a beautifully profound and revolutionary piece of advice. Source: processedpeople brasschecktv

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  1. So when is the release date for this movie? Can you please post information on availability and how to see the feature length film?

  2. The DVD is available for Pre-Order and is coming out end of January. I’m excited to see it.

  3. I can’t wait for this movie to hit the ‘torrents’. It looks good.

  4. Look there is a large problem with our society, eating out of processed grocery boxes, and still eating out at restaurants that depend on frozen, processed, and foods that come from the large corporate food giants, in the USA.

    If you don’t know how to boil even an egg, or your kitchen is stocked with frozen T.V. dinners, or snacks, that is just your problem!

    Start learning if it is not too late how to farm a little make your drinks from raw nuts, and raw foods, which one grows in their summer garden. Start learning how to canned fruits and veggies, and make natural veggie broths, to add to a snack or a meal!

    Yes, there are too many people who live on processed foods, have a processed food diet, and has personalities of processed garbage, because they lack education!

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