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The Dill ‘D’ Weed Wrap – A Quick Amazing Snack!

The Dill ‘D’ Weed Wrap – A Quick Amazing Snack!

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The Dill 'D' Weed Wrap - A Quick Amazing Snack!


(OrganicJar) This is a quick, extremely nutritional snack that will make your taste buds explode with pleasure!

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  1. This looks great! Just wondering what the mixture in the baking dish is?

    Aeve xx

  2. Jason that looks so awful. You can’t live too long on food like that. Collards are supposed to be cooked for a really long time. Dill has phytotoxins in it, which are good for preserving food, but you could leave that stuff out for days and no bacteria would touch it. That would be great food for a goat, but humans need more substantial food, and you’ll find that out if you don’t start eating a little bit better. Sorry to sound so grandmotherly, but I am like that.

  3. That does look amazing. I didn’t catch what the mixture in the baking dish was, either- is it nuts of some kind?

  4. Hi,
    That looks great, and I love that it’s fast and simple to make. The stuff in the baking dish, I believe, in Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah), right?

  5. Dill has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-carinogenic properties. Plus dill is good for your bones because it has calcium. (The World’s Healthiest Foods at whfoods.org)

  6. So is the quinoa cooked ??

  7. HI :) yes the quinoa is cooked.

  8. Looks great! I’m a big fan of healthy foods like this. Will surely give this a try tomorrow as I still need to buy the ingredients.

  9. dill is good for colestrol

  10. Great recipe, we’ll try it. Here in Amsterdam we have a great supply of fresh humus from Morroccan and Turkisch grocers.

    Note: Only use organic oranges when zesting the skins, otherwise you’ll get pesticide zest. Same accounts for all recipes that include skins, orange peel etcetera. Unfortunately you can’t just rinse it off…

  11. I wonder what exactly the nutritional value is for this dish. I want to make sure I am getting enough b vitamins because it is imporant for me to fight off depression. Can anyone tell me their best guess as to what the nurtitional value of this dish is? I want to try it.

  12. @Emily I’m not sure about the nutrient values… But felt to add that sunlight can help such a lot, or if you are somewhere where there not as much light then it’s worth getting advice about vitamin D supplements…

  13. I’ve discovered that maintaining optimal levels of Vitamin D has proven to be vital to just about every aspect of good health, from disease resistance to strong bones and mental alertness.

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