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5 Amazing Foods You Should Know

5 Amazing Foods You Should Know

Posted in Superfoods
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5 Amazing Foods You Should Know organic_cinnamon(OrganicJar) Here are 5 simple amazing foods, that everyone (almost everyone) should incorporate into there diet.


Here’s one superfood that’s easy on the waistline and popular with kids. The bark of the cinnamon tree, native to Sri Lanka, turns out to have extraordinary health benefits. Various research conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests that cinnamon regulates blood sugar, inhibits cancer cells and is anti-inflammatory. Tip add some to your cereal or yogurt! .

Coconut Milk

organic_coconut_milkThe coconut is an unusual fruit: It’s rich, and the fat is mostly saturated. In the South Pacific, traditional diets use copious amounts of coconut oil, yet studies there have shown that people don’t get heart disease. In the U.S., research to support the heart-healthy claim is still being conducted. But we do know that coconut flakes, coconut milk and cream, and coconut oil contain lots of an antiviral, antibacterial fatty acid called lauric acid—one of the immune-boosters babies get from breast milk. Tip add to smoothies, and homemade juices, you can substitute this for water in many recipes.


organic_nutsRaw almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts are all rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants. Walnuts are one of the best vegetarian sources of the omega-3 fatty acids that fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Meanwhile, Brazil nuts are incredibly rich in the antioxidant selenium—essential for sperm health, says fertility expert Dr. Marc Goldstein of Cornell University. Tip nuts are a great travel snack. Keep some in your purse, office anywhere u spend most of your day.

Raw Honey

organic_raw_honeyIf you have a sweet tooth, try these whole, natural sweeteners instead of sugar. Unfiltered, raw honey contains many phytonutrients and enzymes to aid digestion. Its great in tea, and coffee. Tip Unlike normal honey (don’t buy your honey in the shape of a bear), raw honey has not been heated and retains all the amazing, and mysterious properties and nutrients.

Olive Oil

organic_olive_oilOlive oil contains monounsaturated fats (which reduce inflammation), phenols (cancer-fighting antioxidants) and vitamin E (which lowers the risk of heart disease, protects skin from damaging agents, and prevents nerve damage). Cold-pressed, extra-virgin oil contains more phenols, and its vitamin E is undamaged. Tip Gently sauté vegetables in it, drizzle it on salads or use it in pesto. . .

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  1. 5 awesome tips there – nuts are a must have and I can’t get enough of those. I love combining the nuts with some cinammon and coconut flakes on either my rice porridge or greek yoghurt in the morning – with a bit of honey or flax seed oil. Basically covers most of that 5 and starts the day in a great way!

  2. Olive oil is very tasty and has some nutty taste too.:”`

  3. I had read many articles about organic foods. However, i still enjoyed reading on this.

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