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3 Important Ways Your Thoughts Can Help You Heal

3 Important Ways Your Thoughts Can Help You Heal

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girl_thinking(OrganicJar) Our thoughts can make us sick, and they can help us get well. Over recent years, many mainstream medical practitioners as well as alternative therapists have been endorsing the theory that negative thoughts and emotions adversely affect our health. We read more and more articles showing a connection between emotions and physical illness, the mind-body connection. During many conversations with friends and family, it became clear that many of them are struggling with the concept. They find it hard to believe that stress or negative emotions influence some part of their body to produce chronic pain or that it can cause illness. What do you think? Let's just experiment for a moment, let's put it to the test. It will be interesting what you may notice when you close your eyes and let yourself think about a juicy lemon. Now let yourself get involved with the idea and think about slicing the lemon in half. Lemon juice dripping. Now bite into the lemon.... At the thought of biting into the lemon, how did you feel? Most people say they feel saliva increase in their mouth and a shudder or a grimace on their face. We should all give more consideration to what our thoughts are really doing. Because while we are re-living gloomy thoughts from the past or fearing and stressing about something in the future, our physiology is producing a response in our body as though it is happening now. It is useful to remember the old saying heal the mind - heal the body.

Here are three ways to adjust your mindset to promote good health.

deep_breathTake A Deep Breath,
Hold it, exhale, then repeat for 10 minutes. Take a walk, preferably in nature. Breathe in the fresh air. . . laughLaugh! When you laugh, you pump more oxygen into your lungs, improve blood flow and boost your immune system. . . journalKeep A Journal Writing about emotionally charged events helps us deal with them mentally and physically. . .

Leave a Comment and Tell Us How You Adjust Your Mind?

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  1. Hi Jason, A while since we last spoke but still great articles and just in process of adding you to a gadget with news from your site on our organisation blog. Take a look if time at adamchristianenterprisesuk.blogspot.com and you will see a lot more.

    Anyway l believe that thought can help heal as on a number of occasions l have gone to bed after a relaxing day and watched a nice romantic film. I woke up the next day feeling great, but go to bed after bad news or a really awful day and l wake up feeling rough. So l voted yes and shared it with a number of share sources ,hope you have a good day and enjoy your Sunday. Kindest regards, Ian

  2. I agree that these are all wonderful places to begin to become aquainted with our selves. We have been taught what to feel and how. I found an important piece that was missing for me and subsequently kept setting me up to fail and spiral back into being hooked by the mind wanting to only think about things was to begin to explore what I had been taught, how and why. When I began through a program I have subsequently developed Reflections: MY Animal, My Mirror, My Self, to own without judgement that what my outside world looked like was a direct reflection of my inside world, all of it not just my thoughts, my world changed. I believe that for many it is a huge leap to being in our authentic heart and not get tripped up by the mind through fear, previous patterns of controlling our thoughts, and bringing our old disfunction into a new realm and expecting it to work with out committment and work in the process. From birth we are taught by our environment, our famil, our religion, how government, and our schooling are taught how to think in a very limited and set up to fail fashion. Unless we are taught to explore and begin to look at our internal and externallife from a new perspective we will continue to be dependent on fitting into all we were taught that keeps us in a spiral of the old.

  3. I feel grateful for such great info :)

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