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The Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

The Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli
(OrganicJar) In the world of healthy vegetables, broccoli occupies the special status of being one of the most nutritious vegetables around. Although its flavor has been maligned by many including former President George Bush who reportedly hated the green stuff, it still holds a hallowed place in the world of healthy foods. Just what are the magnificent health benefits of broccoli? Broccoli is a rich source of a variety of biochemicals that are known to fight cancer. One of the most well known and extensively studied is the isothiocyanates. These powerful chemicals are though to stimulate certain enzymes produced by the liver which act to neutralize the effects of cancer causing agents that enter the body. The result is less damage to DNA which can give rise to tumors. These chemicals are so powerful they have even been shown to slow down the progression of existing cancer cells. Another important cancer fighting chemical which accounts for the health benefits of broccoli is indole-3-carbinol. This important biochemical has been shown in animals to alter levels of estrogen in such a way as to potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer. The power of indole-3-carbinol to prevent and slow down growth of breast cancer cells has been demonstrated in numerous studies. There are ongoing studies taking place to see if this association holds true in humans as well as animals. Scientists believe there are other important cancer preventative agents in broccoli that have yet to be identified. It’s unclear as to how much broccoli one would need to eat on a daily basis to get the protective properties this vegetable offers. One way to get the protective effects of broccoli without eating it at every meal is to supplement with broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts have been shown to have anywhere from ten to one hundred times the level of isothiocyanates as the vegetable itself. By sprinkling some sprouts on a sandwich or salad, you can get the health benefits of broccoli without consuming high quantities of the vegetable itself. As if all that cancer fighting potential isn’t enough, broccoli is also a rich source of fiber, Vitamin C, beta carotene, folate, as well as a variety of other important nutrients. All of this for less than fifty calories per serving. Broccoli is a definite winner on the nutritional front. If you’re ready to harness the health benefits of broccoli, why not consider adding more of this powerful vegetable to your diet today?

Benefits of Broccoli

  1. Healthy Eyes

    Broccoli and other leafy green vegetables contain powerful phytochemical antioxidants in the carotenoid family called lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are concentrated in large quantities in the lens of the eye.
  2. Improved Immune System

    Not only does a cup of broccoli contain the RDA for vitamin C, it also fortifies your immune system with a hefty 1359 mcg of beta-carotene, and small but useful amounts of zinc and selenium, two trace minerals that act as cofactors in numerous immune defensive actions.
  3. Birth Defect Fighter

    Pregnant? You really must eat broccoli. A cup of broccoli supplies 94 mcg of folic acid, a B-vitamin essential for proper cellular division because it is necessary in DNA synthesis. Without folic acid, the fetus' nervous system cells do not divide properly.
  4. Deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy has been linked to several birth defects, such as spina bifido. Despite folic acid's wide occurence in food (it's name comes from the Latin word folium, meaning "foliage," because it's found in green leafy vegetables), amazing and little known fact time... folic acid deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world.
  5. Prevent Colds

    Helps to get relief from cold symptoms, since it contains Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  6. Strong Bones

    Studies have shown that broccoli contains more calcium than most dairy products therefore helping to build bone mass. Great news for lactose intolerant people (and there are a lot of us out there) as obtaining sufficient calcium can be difficult for those not consuming dairy products.
  7. Real Men Go Green!

    This and other cruciferous veg like sprouts and cabbage reduce your levels of the female hormone oestrogen, thereby increasing your testosterone.
  8. Diabetes

    Due to it's high fibre content and low sugar, broccoli helps fight the war on diabetes. The fibre helps keep blood sugar low and as a result insulin can be kept to a minimum.
NOTICE: Thyroid problems?...beware. Broccoli contains goitrogens, naturally-occurring substances in certain foods that can interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland. Individuals with already existing and untreated thyroid problems may want to avoid broccoli for this reason. As always consult your doctor if unsure.

Why do you love Broccoli? Leave a Comment Below.

Source: aviva.ca

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  1. Actually lactose intolerance(absence of lactase enzyme) is extremely rare. Cows’ milk protein allergy is more common. If excluding dairy from the diet a calcium supplement is usually required as you are unlikely to get sufficient from green vegetables. As calcium is vital to prevent osteoporosis later in life, it’s best to seek medical advice before excluding cows’ milk from the diet.

  2. Great article! Just letting you know that you spelled President Bush’s name wrong…

  3. “reduce your levels of the female hormone oestrogen, thereby increasing your testerone.”
    That explains why I’m not a complete girly girl :D

  4. btw, it would be great if you would link to sources. Give as much support to your articles as possible.

  5. Julia – thanks!

  6. I know broccoli has many benefits and we eat it often. I am a little concerned because our grocery store doesn’t have orgnic broccoli and I’ve heard it carries high levels of pesticides? Thoughts?

  7. I think “though” is supposed to be “thought” in the article?

    These powerful chemicals are “thought” to stimulate certain enzymes produced by the liver which act to neutralize the effects of cancer causing agents that enter the body.

    Great Article! I now know much more about broccoli.

  8. Hi,
    I love u articels, and love what u doing …I’m on the same way – have a same passion – live healthy …Next year go to Uni to do my Nutrishionist degre!!!! Great to know I’m not elone …!!!

  9. Great article! My husband would like the Real Men Go Green part! :) Fortunately, broccoli is one “green” vege he’ll eat.

  10. Our minds and has been so conditioned to the salt, sugar and fat of corporate food, we dont recognize what the body truly needs has nothing to do with taste, but is really all about nutrients.

  11. Awesome article! Thank goodness my entire household loves broccoli — YUM!

  12. Post confirms what I have been preaching to all the people I care about.

  13. @ Christina I eat 2cups Raw Broccoli (1cup Raw Carrots included) 5x’s a week as it has replaced my traditional snacks while at work. What I do is use a little vinegar and enough water to just cover the Broccoli and allow it to sit for a while (about 10 mins) then I flush the water and squeeze the heads free of an excess. I allow them to sit again after another nice rinse until they are drained. I bag ’em up after they’re dry, chill them in the refrigerator and viola I’m ready.

    Or simply go to your local Farmers Market (instead of your grocer) and grill your local farmers about pesticide usage. I do this and have a repore with a couple of farmer who has a bag waiting on me when I arrive.

    In a nutshell “organic” is a good movement but a good cleaning will handle your fears.

  14. http://www.newchapter.com/products/broccolive-plus

  15. Osteoporosis is very common specially in old persons. Food supplementation with calcium and magnesium helps a lot to slow down osteoporosis. .:;

  16. i also have lactose intolerance that is why i always avoid dairy products.”’

  17. i always take calcium supplements to my bones strong;*~

  18. Good article. Unfortunately though, most parents leave the subject of nutrition too late in the education of their offspring’s lives… so the advice in these articles should be carefully placed in front of children – and somewhat more rigorously in front of school kitchen catering staff!

    OK… off to my local French street market to buy a couple of heads of this “explosive” vegetable (yes, it’s a bomb!)… and can’t wait to see the Purple Sprouting variety in season soon.

  19. If people are so concerned about osteoporosis they can start by getting rid of their fluoride toothpaste.

  20. Broccoli, a terribly under-estimated food, is a true contender in the league of superfoods. I eat the stuff raw, cooked, juiced..you name it!

  21. in fact i dont know how much benefits,

  22. who wants to buy me broccoli sprouts, cause I hate broccoli its self but I don't want cancer lol.

  23. broccoli…can't go wrong with it.

  24. Lately, I have been having a fetish for raw broccoli in my green salad. Once I tried it like that I will not have it it no other way.

  25. Can someone tell me a vegetable that helps stimulate the brain or memory. I've tried pills but I prefer natural fruits and veggies. Thanks.

  26. I love raw broccoli in my salad, try it you just might get hooked.

  27. yeah…….it was perfect to cut down my cholestrol level….and whoever there please try it, it.
    cant go wrong.

  28. Can someone help-Does it cut down cholestral levels especially trglycerides?

  29. Broccoli are the best. I have read that this vegetable can help fight cancer cells.


  31. Blueberries help for brain function

  32. I love raw broccoli with ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing. Raw , steamed either way. After I steam it I drink the water that I boiled it in. I've always loved that little green tree.. ;-)

  33. I love raw broccoli as well! It’s so good for you, and they’re so many health benefits that comes from eating them. Now that I find myself staying fit and eating healthier, I’ve added broccoli into my daily meal. Sometimes I even mix it with my salad and add lemon juice on top to give it some flavour. For me, broccoli is brain food! :D

  34. You stated that Osteoporosis is very common specially in old persons. Food supplementation with calcium and magnesium helps a lot to slow down osteoporosis. I add that I believe calcium must be the correct type and if I recall correctly takes vitamin D3 for calcium to absorb better. Furthermore, osteoporosis begins long before old age…my daughter is heading for it at age 34 and the best thing anyone that wants to prevent or slow down to a turtle crawl is to go to a “drop-table Chiropractor”. Be sure the Chiropractor uses the drop-table method or you could end up being permanently damaged. Good luck.

  35. Hello, Beatrice | Nov 3, 2011 | Reply
    You said: Can someone help-Does broccoli cut down cholesterol levels especially triglycerides? Vegetables have great health benefits, but exercise, diet and Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil (I use Krill oil), help, especially exercise/fast walking; also take daily Red Yeast Rice. To keep your arteries clean/clear take Lecithin and Garlic capsules (fresh garlic is best) daily. Healthy living to you. Doreen

  36. Hello again Beatrice,
    To learn more regarding foods for the cholesterol and triglycerides levels go to http://www.omegavia.com/food-triglyceride-reduction-part-i/
    I forgot to add this to my less response to you. Doreen

  37. oh i love broccoli so i advive u guys to eat it with lemon and salt u will feel the real test of broccoli

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