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Fluoride Linked To Cancer

Fluoride Linked To Cancer

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(OrganicJar) Well, in case you didn't know it, fluoride is highly toxic. In fact, before fluoride was deemed a "cavity fighter," it was used as insecticide and rat poison. It's true. Even more surprising is that when it comes to dental hygiene, fluoride actually does more harm than good. Fluoride appears to have the potential to initiate or promote cancers, particularly of the bone, according to the most recent and extensive review of fluoride toxicology by the prestigious National Research Council (NRC). Fluoride chemicals are added to about 70% of public water supplies ostensibly to reduce tooth decay, not to purify the water. The NRC found The Environmental Protection Agency's Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for fluoride is too high to be protective of health (4 mg/L) and must be lowered. EPA scientists have been saying this since 1986; but EPA management caved to political pressure and over-ruled its scientists There’s loads of evidence linking fluoride to adverse health effects - even at low doses added to public and some bottled water supplies (See link) At least three members of the NRC fluoride panel believe the MCLG for fluoride should be zero.

What Is Fluoride

Fluoride is a pollutant - a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing. The problem of how to legally dispose of fluoride was solved in the 1930's when a study (funded by one of the country's largest aluminum companies) concluded that fluoride prevented tooth decay. A successful public relations effort, helped along with some cooperative government cronies, resulted in the good news going out: this miracle chemical, when added to water supplies, will give everyone healthy teeth and brighter smiles.


The NRC study found that the high levels of bone fluoride and the similarity of the mechanisms of action between fluoride-induced DNA damage and chemically-induced p53 mutations lead us to believe that high fluoride bone content might be one of the major factors causing osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Mutations in the p53 genes are the most commonly observed genetic alterations in human cancer. Ramesh concludes that fluoride probably causes mutations in p53. In 1990 a National Toxicology Program (NTP) study determined fluoride could be a cancer-causing agent. The NTP study "supplied a detailed description of the toxicology of fluoride, not only in terms of osteosarcoma, but also lesions in the oral mucosa, thyroid gland, skin and uterus...(which) prompted us to re-test the hypothesis of an epidemiological association between water fluoridation and cancer incidences...", wrote Takahashi who found fluoridation status positively correlates to cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, colon, rectum, hepato-bilary & urinary organs and bone cancer.


Let's be perfectly clear: Fluoride is not something your body needs. No one has a fluoride deficiency. Fluoride is a false magic bullet solution from a bygone era. Now, 60 years after water fluoridation began, the word is getting out, that this stuff is just plain bad. Take action to end fluoridation here. More information about fluoride and cancer, click here.

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Source: folsomtelegraph.com research paper

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  1. Don’t worry about it. Do Something. Educate your neighbors, petition, lobby, call, email, write and visit your legislators. Tell them to stop adding the fluoride chemicals into your drinking water. If enough people do that, it will overcome the advantage they have to kowtowing to rich special interest groups that want the fluoride to stay in your water and body.

    On the national level, take action to stop fluoridation here:

  2. Did you read the Fluoride Deception? It’s worse than you even describe here! In Florida we have the phosphate industry that produces fluoride as a waste product, and it has a grip on all of our water utilities to fluoridate water so they can get paid for their toxic waste! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7319752042352089988
    Fluoride is also linked with lung problems, bone problems, brain problems (it was used by the Nazis to “docile” their inmates) and much more. Iodine is the best antidote I know of for fluoride (and bromide and chloride) poisoning.

  3. Fluoride is a *topical* agent that kills germs on contact and it was never meant to be
    ingested. It’s basically similar to swallowing Neosporin.

    It’s very easy for everyone to dismiss anti-fluoridation as the movement
    of crackpots. To all of you I say this: You are asking the wrong question.
    The question is not whether or not water fluoridation is good for you.
    The question is why any municipality would medicate the water supply without
    your consent. Why not dump multivitamins into the water? Vitamins are also
    good for you right? The answer is obvious. Just because you may get all of your
    vitamins from one source doesn’t mean your neighbor does. Wise up people. We personally don’t really care about the ‘why’. We just want it stopped! Join us in the growing movement.


  4. sodium fluoride is a POTENT CELL POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is profoundly TOXIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am a second generation dosed surviver.my parents were dosed for 7 years before i was born. i was unable to have children. my sister had a downs syndrome baby that died.her husband is a dentist and she is a hygenist.most of my family members died from cancer and other related toxicities from fluoride i managed to get out of baltimore 10 years ago and have a well. i don’t get sick. i dont take any medications with fluoride compounds i don’t eat processed food i don’t drink soda or alcohol there are many products that contain fluoride especially if a fluoridated city is producing them!!!!!!!!!
    BEWARE!!!!!they even now put it in bottled water!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. there are so many rats at home and i am looking for a really good rat poison.:~

  6. I am asking all of my friends (and friends of friends) to help me support a child cancer foundation that I really believe in.

    It is a facebook contest at http://bit.ly/crkrEE and the name of the foundation is called The Seany Foundation (their site is at http://www.theseanyfoundation.org/).

    Seany died of Ewing’s Sarcoma cancer a few years ago and he was a teenager. I knew Seany and promised his family I would help where I could. Chase Bank is having a charity contest ending in about 6 days and if you could VOTE (it is free to vote) with your facebook account AND post it to your facebook wall, I would really, really appreciate it. http://bit.ly/crkrEE

  7. More on these killer ass companies and their pofit ming machines.

  8. At the suggestion of my alternative care MD I stopped using fluoride toothpaste and started using calcium bentonite clay as a toothpaste. It is pure and all natural. My teeth are whiter, my gums are in better shape because the clay soaks up toxins and bacteria and the clay leaves my mouth tasting fresh and clean. This is the bentonite clay the MD suggested:Calcium Bentonite Clay

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