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USDA Organic Labels Not to be Trusted

USDA Organic Labels Not to be Trusted

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USDA Organic Labels Not to be Trusted
(OrganicJar) When is organic not organic? When the U.S. Government gets involved and allows crony capitalists to control and ruin everything that's good and pure is the answer. What's the matter with these people? Are they insane? There is a huge uproar about the term organic, as in organic food. Lots of major ‘food’ corporations want to cash in and have been cashing in. They want to be labeled organic. Rather than become organic though, they push for organic to be defined away. They push for non-organic to be labeled organic. They push for synthetics to be labeled organic. Look, if you want to become organic, then become organic. Organic is purely organic. There is no 99% organic that is 100% organic. If they want to sell stuff that isn't completely organic, then label it as partially organic. Label the ingredients that aren't organic as what they are: synthetic. If the complete product is 99% organic, then say so. If the 1% that is non-organic is pure poison, then ban it. If it's questionable, then ban it. If it has been shown to be highly likely harmless, then it will be up to those who dissent to publicize their dissenting opinions, which should not be censored under any circumstances. Right now, food that is only 95% organic is labeled organic. That's evil. That's lying. That's making it impossible for consumers to choose purely organic foods without having to do huge independent research. That was never intended by the people who invented the concept of organic foods — the ‘health food nuts.’ It is those people who came up with the whole industry who should have been the arbiters. Too bad so many of them sold out to the devil: the huge food corporations that bought them up and then turned organics into 5% synthetics. What a rip off.

Purity of Federal 'Organic' Label Is Questioned

USDA Organic labeled food is a system used to help identify foods that are organic. Congress adopted the organics law in 2002 after farmers and consumers demanded uniform standards for produce, dairy and meat. The law banned synthetics, pesticides and genetic engineering from foods that would bear a federal organic label. It also required annual testing for pesticides. And it was aimed at preventing producers from falsely claiming their foods were organic. However, there is concern that the label may have become meaningless. ‘If we don't protect the brand, the organic label, the program is finished. It could disappear overnight’ Sen. Patrick Leahy stated. Here are some of the revelations from the Washington Post article:
  • ‘Organic’ beer has non-organic hops.
  • ‘Organic’ baby food has synthetic fatty acids.
  • ‘Organic’ milk can come from factory-like feed lots without grass.
  • The law required annual testing for pesticides, but USDA hasn't enforced the requirement.
  • The National Organic Standards Board has approved 245 non-organic substances for inclusion in "organic" labeled food
  • ‘Organic’ mock duck has synthetic additives to make it stringy.
  • Corporations Kellogg, Kraft, Coca-Cola, and Dole are big players in ‘organic’ food.
Regulators appear to see their mission as more to grow the supposedly ‘organic’ industry than to actually assure consumers are getting the organic food they paid for.

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Source: washingtonpost.com realliberalchristianchurch.org

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  1. Good article, and further, organizations such as “The Organic Trade Association” have been hijacked by major corporations. OTA is a major lobbying force in Washington DC and have influence on setting organic standards for the benefit of their members. Organic is like pregnancy; “you are or your not”.

  2. thanks for this article. i’ve been trying to eat mostly organic for about a month now. I’ve wondered at some of the ingredients I’ve seen, but figured, “well it’s organic, must be fine right?”

  3. I always questioned the authenticity of the USDA organic label. These so called “watch dog” agencies like the FDA, FCC, USDA are protecting industries that they are supposed to scrutinize and regulate. I suspect entire USDA organic labeling scheme was another marketing concept to enrich the prevailing giants of the food industry. Are there organic companies that we can trust? SO many of them are being co-opted by large food conglomerates like Heinz,General Mills and Coca Cola which naturally makes me worried that any organic standards that had been adhered to will now be compromised.

  4. Sadly, if we have to rely on our corrupt gov’t for our safety we are already doomed! Obama’s administration is heavily in bed with the deceitful Monsanto lobbyists (Sabillius). Question is, who can be trusted privately within the new commercialized “organic” industry to assure our products are indeed ORGANIC. Horizon products bear the mark of USDA Organic, their cows never roam freely, rarely if ever graze natural grasses, and are fed questionable grains which raise their acidic levels. The sorcery of this age is immense, only those most astute will not become victims.

  5. We try to eat organic and like “Sharla” said we figure if it says organic it must be free of all that artificial stuff but maybe we are still eating synthetic products

  6. I’m so sad.

  7. Grow your own!!! Thats the best organic food you will ever eat!

  8. I would if I had the gardening space.. Lol. For now im just seed stockin

  9. …but that is illegal too. Look it up if you don't believe me.

  10. The Government is turning their backs on us because the poison they are allowing in our foods is population control and big $$ to keep you sick for Pharmaceutical companies. The Gov. cannot possibly sustain the number of baby boomers that will be on Social Security. By lowering the life expectancy, the hit will not be as bad. Why do you think they are allowing companies like Monsanto to get away with what their doing. Pure Evil!

  11. I have felt this way for a long time, anything USDA approved can't possibly be trusted. I try to buy organic as much as possible. Buying organic seems to be a privledge for the rich. I live a simple life and so my health for me and my family comes first. I am not rich! Not yet anyway :)

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