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America Soon to be a Hemp Nation

America Soon to be a Hemp Nation

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With Oregon passing a hemp bill (SB 676) last Monday permitting production and possession of industrial hemp in their state, farmers and eco-designers alike are probably freaking out from all the possibilities at hand. The move is part of a rapidly growing nationwide trend to liberalize laws relating to marijuana. Hemp is a botanical cousin of marijuana. Bill sponsor, Senator Floyd Prozanski was quoted by Vote Hemp saying “By passing SB 676 with strong bi-partisan support, the Oregon legislature has taken a proactive position to allow its farmers the right to grow industrial hemp, to provide American manufacturers with domestically-grown hemp, and to profit from the effort.” Until now, only five other states – Maine, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana and West Virginia – have legalized hemp production, making it hard for eco-designers to get hemp fibers for clothing at a reasonable price (not to mention being able to support an American grown textile). Hemp is one of the most useful fibers known to man with over 25,000 uses from creating clothing to car manufacturing. (It’s too bad hemp production is banned in most place largely thanks to misunderstanding and outright myth.) The fibers themselves are stronger, more absorbent and more mildew-resistant than cotton and can block the sun’s UV rays more effectively than other fabrics. It can also be made into a variety of fabrics including a linen quality.

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Source: ecosalon.com prnewswire.com

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  1. Looking forward to the Gov’s signature on the Oregon hemp bill – Living Harvest is a Portland-based hemp food company; best (and first) hemp milk on the market. Check out the new frozen dessert – very rich and creamy. The Coconut Lime (toasted coconut with a key lime variegate) is amazing!

  2. As a hemp activist, I am looking forward to the day I can stop spending so much time and energy on behalf of a plant that should never have been declared war on by the Federal government.

  3. History of hemp cultivation in the US


  4. We sell hemp clothing and it is fair superior to cotton. It washes perfectly each time, holds it’s shape and gets wonderfully softer but not worn with wear. All that plus it can be grown without herbicides or pesticides!
    Great news that some states are going to be allowed to grow industrial hemp. The only reason we don’t stock more hemp clothing is because it is dearer to buy – especially ethically produced hemp.

  5. It is good for Cancer ,Hepatities,Tumours,HIV etc,It fibre can made for many products better than Poly fills.

  6. There are three propositions out for signatures in California that would leglaize weed. The Jack Herer initative is the most sweeping defining personal as 99 plants and 12 lbs in possession. It also limits the state to a $10 oz excise tax. If you want to see the insanity of the drug war come to an end do all you can to support this initative. If this passes the rest of the country will have no choice but to legalize. This isn’t something our incompentant legislature is doing, it’s the people. The people wrote and passed prop 215 in 1996 and we are doing it again.

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