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Brain Tumor Now The Biggest Cancer Killer in the UK

Brain Tumor Now The Biggest Cancer Killer in the UK

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Brain Tumor Now The Biggest Cancer Killer in the UK
(OrganicJar) Brain tumors in young men and women are the leading cause of cancer death in the UK, according to research. They kill more men under 45 and women under 35 than any other cancer, reveals Brain Tumor Research. And brain tumors have overtaken leukaemia as the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK, with the number of children dying from a brain tumor in 2007, up 33% on 2001. Brain tumors cannot be prevented because their cause is still unknown, medical experts say, explaining that research is being "forgotten" and desperately underfunded. There has been concern in recent years that the use of mobile phones might be contributing to illness. "What is happening is that more tumors are being diagnosed, but the survival rate is staying the same," a BTR spokeswoman told Sky News Online. Brain tumor research currently receives less than 1% of all cancer research spent in the UK. That works out annually at £3m, out of a total £426m. Now, a new research laboratory - funded entirely by individual donations - is being opened at London's Charing Cross Hospital with the hope of finding ways to develop better treatment for brain tumors. "The opening of the laboratory is an important first step, but is just a drop in the ocean of what is needed," said BTR chairman, Wendy Fulcher. Consultant Neurosurgeon and lecturer and Imperial College Kevin O'Neill said: "Brain tumors can afflict anyone of us, increasingly the younger section of the population which has led to brain tumors causing the biggest reduction in expected lifespan than any other cancer. "They can't be prevented or screened for as we don't know the cause. It is frustrating that treatment options are so limited. More research is desperately needed, but we are struggling to get funds."

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Source: news.sky.com

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  1. A tumor is made up of trapped plasma particulates of which namely albumin that has lost its electron coating it consists. The circulation is both anatomical and electromagnetic. Normally is it like a super train both in the blood and in between the cells for that portion that manages to escape the blood stream and flow in between the cells. In degenerative conditions the cells are unable to generate these properties and this causes the blocked circulation. Of course acidity and inflammation are naturally the result as well. Cancer cells may cause the cancer conditions however, it is always that the cancer environment is predominantly occurring or were it not so cancer could not survive. The cells are merely adapting to function within conditions that healthy aerobic organisms may not at all. To learn more take the free lessons at http://www.speedhealing.com by giving you first name and email at the bottom.

    Prof. Karl West, (the LympHActuation Guy!)

  2. We know of a couple of neurosurgeons who use their mobile phones hands free. While we wait to find out if there is an association between mobile use and brain cancer, it seems sensible to take precautions.

  3. Guaranteed this is a result of Wireless Techs, (Cell, WiFi, DECT). All of which were warned about by some people almost 2 decades ago, all of which were summarily ignored.

    Don’t use a cell phone. Don’t use DECT in your home (go wired, or old, low powered 900mhz), and certainly don’t use WiFi in your home.

    Also increase the negative ions around your home and body as much as possible, naturally if possible. Negative ion necklaces really work, as do crystals, plants, and all kinds of other things.

    Research Patents, I found patents showing a small Resin+Crushed Tourmaline Disk protects an area about 20 meters from excessive positive ions and radiation coming off Cell phones.

    Get the wireless crap out of your homes at all cost.

  4. It wouldn’t be such a mystery about what causes brain tumors if they looked at diet (vegetable oils, nutrient deficiencies, and excitotoxins) and environment (environmental pollutants like organophosphate pesticides and persistent organics). And yes, cell phones and the persistent radiation that civilization constantly blasts across the globe (radio, TV, microwave, etc.) is another cause. Also look at GMOs for neurological effects, if somebody ever gets a chance to do that research.

  5. I am coming up on 4 years survival on a Glioblastoma. I hardly ever used a cell phone but I will admit I did at times.Stay away from all inflammatory foods. Sugar, Omega 6 ( which is now in grain fed livestock) Look into melatonin, curcumin, India’s diet. Organic foods, butter, eggs, chicken, etc. It’s all about the western diet, fast food, prepared frozen foods, etc. etc. Get the Book, The ANTI- cancer, (A new way of life) by David Servan-Schrieber, MD PHD. and “IN Defense Of Food” by Michael Pollan It’s all in our Industrialised dood chain.

  6. Great post!

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