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Ginseng is the Green Way to Reduce Swelling

Ginseng is the Green Way to Reduce Swelling

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Ginseng is the Green Way to Reduce Swelling (OrganicJar) Ginseng has been used in natural medicine for centuries. You’ll often find it boasted on those crazily named energy drinks. But before ginseng graced the side of a goofy energy can, it was busy bolstering the health of the convalescent, treating erectile dysfunction and Hepatitis C, the symptoms of menopause, keeping blood pressure down, improving mental and physical awareness, and contributing to a person's feeling of overall well-being. What a wonderful root. The anti-inflammatory role of ginseng may be due to the combined effects of steroid-like constituents known as ginsenosides. These ginsenosides target different levels of immunological activity, and so contributing to the diverse actions of ginseng in humans.

How To Eat Ginseng

Ginseng can be ingested as a root in its pure form. It can be taken as a vitamin, via liquids and topically in creams and lotions but just because it grows naturally doesn't mean you can go on a ginseng bender. Diabetics should be very careful with ginseng. Side effects include gastrointestinal problems, headaches, and disrupted sleep. Those side effects are minor when compared to the health risks of other anti-inflammatory medications. Anti-inflammation medications often contain steroids and/or other problematic chemicals. Overuse of naproxen and ibuprofen, for example, can up your risk of dementia.

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Source: biotechdaily.com

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