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Naturopathic Medicine, What is it?

Naturopathic Medicine, What is it?

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Naturopathic Medicine, What is it?

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a form of alternative or complementary medicine that promotes the body's capability to heal itself. Naturopathy focuses on natural methods that support the body's ability to restore and maintain balance. Naturopaths use natural remedies that can include nutritional supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes, body work such as massage, and energy work such as acupuncture. Overall, naturopaths choose to recommend these natural methods (most commonly lifestyle changes, supplements, and herbs) as an alternative to pharmaceuticals or surgery. The discipline of naturopathy is led by a natural health philosophy that incorporates a wide variety of modalities. Naturopaths emphasize a holistic approach to self-care - they talk at length with patients to examine their life as a whole, including mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is not uncommon for naturopaths to refer a client to a Western medical doctor for collaboration in improving the client's wellness.

Where did Naturopathy Begin?

Naturopathy appears to have begun in Europe at the turn of the 19th century. However, the art of natural healing originates back to Hippocrates in ancient Greece, and even earlier. As far back as the earliest recorded times, many cultures have adhered to the concept that, if given clean water, fresh air, a nourishing diet, adequate sunlight, rest, and exercise, the body can heal itself. Today, naturopathy remains a primary form of medicine in Europe and is practiced in many countries worldwide, although it remains subject to various levels of acceptance and regulation.

Natural Medicine Vs. Allopathic Medicine

Naturopathy and conventional or allopathic medicine differ in philosophy and practice. Naturopathy emphasizes assisting the body to maintain or regain a state of optimum health rather than diagnosing a disease state. The allopathic approach views the symptom and the disease as the same, believing that when the symptom has been eliminated, the disease is cured. The naturopath, on the other hand, sees a symptom as a signal that the body is out of balance. Accordingly, naturopaths feel that when a symptom alone is eliminated, it may be suppressed while the underlying cause remains. Naturopathic and allopathic practitioners undergo different courses of training. Naturopathic doctors receive basic clinical and scientific training similar to that of medical doctors and attend four-year graduate medical schools. Naturopathic training focuses on botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, physical manipulation, nutrition, massage, vitamins and nutrition, and other complementary modalities. In many states, naturopaths are licensed primary care providers. Naturopathic doctors who graduate from an accredited U.S. school may use the designation ND or NMD, which is legally protected and licensed in a number of States.

Is Naturopathy for Me?

Consider looking into naturopathy if you: * Feel strongly about natural health and medicine * Are looking for a complement or alternative to traditional medicine * Agree that disease has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects * Want a healthcare practitioner to clearly and comprehensively analyze your total healthcare needs

Do you use natural remedies, or see a Naturopathic doctor? Tell us about it!

Source: innerrewards.com

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  1. thanks for explaining this, I had always wondered. :)

  2. This is fantastic! Our life has certainly been transformed through trial and error with our son's Eczema condition. We began this journey for him at doctors, taking potent meds, seeing specialists at children's hospitals etc all for him to get worse. His little body became steroid dependent and he was so weak and ill from the meds and the elimination diets prescribed to him. One “specialist” told us he was a gray area and that the only way for us to know if it was truly an allergy, was to put him on a diet of ONLY Nutrimigen. Huh? That is a baby formula. He was three yrs old at the time and we asked ourselves, “How can we feed our 3 yr old only baby formula for an entire month? Get Real. Anyway- shortly after that we looked into an infamous “Amish healer” of herbs, a chiropractor who put him on wholefoods vitamins. We felt as though we were discovering new techniques, but still nothing worked. Finally, we found Vidazorb probiotics and it has been an answer to prayer. He has changed drastically. He is now a healthy and happy little boy and not only that…we have changed our lifestyle by eliminating processed foods almost entirely…and eating tons of fruits and veggies! YAY! It has really been an eye-opener for our whole family. Thanks for the wonderful information. Caroline

  3. Naturopathy is so interesting. Thanks for dishing the details. Down here in Melbourne naturopaths are a lot more common. People consult their naturopaths and acupuncturist before they head to the MD. The future of health care for sure! I've never been to one, but the next time I'm sick I'll be sure to try.

  4. How would one know if naturopathy works on him?Does it have something to do with acupuncture as well?

  5. I’ve heard that since natural medicine started in Europe, it’s a lot more common (and more accepted) than in the United States. Insurance companies, however, are starting to recognize the benefits of natural medicine and have started to cover clients.

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