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Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

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Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

(OrganicJar) Bees feeding off tea trees native to New Zealand, produce a type of honey that’s known as “Jelly Bush Honey” in Australia and “Mankuta Honey” in New Zealand. Now, scientists at the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences have found this particular type of honey has some amazing curative properties.

Until now, Manuka Honey has been sold in health food stores as a natural medicine. That is probably about to change. New research has shown the honey kills every type of bacteria scientists have thrown at it, including the antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ plaguing hospitals and killing patients around the world.

Professor Dee Carter is one of the research team that made the discovery. She said a compound in the honey called methylglyoxal is the key ingredient to the effectiveness of the honey. However, methylglyoxal on its own is toxic but when it combines with what are, as yet, unknown compounds it causes “multi-system failure” in bacteria.

Manuka Honey Unique to New Zealand

Honey bees collect nectar from Manuka bushes (also known as Tea Trees) which grow in remote areas of New Zealand. According to Manuka Health the discovery of the anti-bacterial properties of methylglyoxal was made by Professor Thomas Henle at the University of Dresden, Germany.

The curative properties of various types of honey have been known to indigenous cultures for thousands of years, and dressing wounds with honey was common before the advent of antibiotics.

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  1. Thanks for getting this information out there! Do you know if I can buy this honey?

  2. Manuka Honey is very effective and should be taken seriously as a natural healing agent.

  3. What gets me down is that the pharmaceutical lobby have managed to persuade both the UN and the EU powers-that-be to introduce legislation such as the Food Supplement Directive which stipulates “safety” criteria that the truly natural and healthy products simply cannot meet. European shops are soon to be devoid of tried and tested remedies like aloe vera, arnica, witch hazel, st john’s wort and tea tree. Stop the world, I want to get off!

  4. Would be interesting to know how it affects viruses. Really hoping that study’s underway!

  5. This just sounds WAY too good to be true. if it is indeed that curable, then I suppose that you would have to find the components in the honey that turn the toxic element into a bacteria-killing element.

    On top of that, I wonder if it’s potentailyl possible that it can kill good bacteria in your body? Wouldn’t that be even worse?

    At least, that’s what I think. I will keep an eye on this to be sure.

  6. I know this type of honey is available from the Chinaberry company (www.chinaberry.org)

    It is probably available elsewhere on the internet as well.

  7. Awesome !!! Eat more honey!!!

  8. its natural so untill they can come up with chemicals to imitate it the fda will find a way to ban it due the the drug company lobbiests as welll as the insurance companies too!

  9. SPOT ON!

  10. Manuka is very common, and not restricted to remote areas in New Zealand. The wood also makes good firewood and the shavings are an excellent generator of smoke for fish and meat smoking.

  11. kool

  12. eat more honey, and drink juiced Marijuana.

  13. STOP using PESTICIDES! people STOP BUYING these pesticides! for how much PROOF are you waiting haa? are you waiting until all the BEES DIE? action in needed NOW….no more further delays…

  14. “Until now, Manuka Honey has been sold in health food stores as a natural medicine. That is probably about to change.” Yeah- the govt is going to kill all the bees so people no longer have access to this natural cure. If they can’t make money from it, you can’t have it!

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_KDPUTyDyQ

  16. Never Buy Monsantos Roundup weed killer http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z7tZqigtc4A

  17. I found some on amazon for relatively cheap.

  18. Nature and its creatures produce amazing things! <3

  19. How can they ban something natural? All "they" can do is not talk about it. They're not going to tell you about their competition. It's not an FDA conspiracy. Here's some manuka http://www.google.com/m?hl=en&gl=us&client=ms-android-sprint-us&source=android-launcher-search&action=devloc&q=Manuka+Honey

  20. Sounds like Love from the GODS… lol "-)

  21. Burning wood on the other hand is very bad for everyones health; http://www.samharris.org/blog/item/the-fireplace-delusion

  22. Chris Winn, but the smoked fish and bacon tastes good.

  23. Marijuana is natural.

  24. Tammi Bellew as long as it is grown naturally, and not grown from hydro system, you will not have a problem..

  25. I believe honey, especially Manuka honey is vital to perfect health, as it has so many healing properties, along with many other simple foods that the pharmaceutical companies would prefer you did not know about. Natural cures are by far the best way to go, and they cost less too!

  26. Starting the day with a spoon of Manuka honey and a spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water is the health secret of many a healthy 90+ year old I have known.
    Its also a vital additon for anyone wanting to lose weight without dieting.
    Manuka honey is available in most major supermarkets, so is everything else I recomend for optimal health and natural weight control.

  27. And its still legal in most countries and still grows abuntantly everywhere. This is exactly my point about how something that is produced naturally is near impossible to control. Even here in America where cannabis is illegal people still have endless access to it.

  28. The best way to take action as consumers is to stop buying mass produced crops and meat and buy only local and organic. It’s cheaper now because organic farming without pesticides is now more cost effective with horticulture, organic hydroponics and greenhouse farming; while localized distribution reduces transportation cost. Horticulture is better than intensive large scale agriculture because horticulture doesn't require pesticides, it grows a variety of crops in a small space, and it regenerates the soil and nutrients for the other crops. And this can be done to any scale on a local level in any region, even non arable land. With organic hydroponic greenhouses that grow a wide variety of crops it is not only sustainable but the waste can be used to generate electricity and produce fuel and other bio products.

    We can take this concept and merge it into a larger one that includes bacteria, algae, shrimp and fish. We would also be able to give endangered species of beneficial bees and other insects a place to live while giving the plants and flowers the beneficial pollination they need. Biomimmicry is the only way to go because nature made these relationships from for a reason. All we need to do is imitate nature. So all the desired terrestrial crops, algae, fish and honey, can be used primarily as a food source but what is left can be used to make electricity (hydrogen, methane, propane, butane), chemicals and fuels (diesel, gasoline, butanol, ethanol, acetone, etc), medicine (nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals etc), fibers and cellulose (building material, paper, concrete, plastic), and fertilizers for plants and feedstock for animals. By using human waste and light to feed algae we can effectively close the system just like in nature.

    Algae grow abundantly in the water and can be used to clean waste water and flue gases because at the bottom of the food chain they can digest almost anything. However they only need sunlight, water, nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide. They can survive off of one or all of these at the same time as well as sulfur, silica and mercury. These microorganisms share a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. Together they convert animal and plant waste into valuable raw materials like oil, sugars, starches, fibers and proteins. Some algae will feed the fish and animals while the rest is converted into whatever the community or household uses most. Any surplus can be stored recycled into the system or sold to the market.

    We need to combine all that we can to make resources abundant and locally accessible to all people or we will not survive ourselves. We can take each household, business and utility off of the grid and make them self sustaining with algae. Algae are at the bottom of the food chain. They take dead matter and use the sun to turn it into life again. Is it any wonder why we are polluting the earth and wasting so much energy? We are at the top of the food chain and our waste is not being recycled because we are not using the organisms at the bottom of it.

  29. Chris Winn …so is freezing to death

  30. If you can't get mankuta at least make sure you are buying raw honey to get the best results.

  31. Looks like I need to go stock up

  32. Too true.. FDA are criminals

  33. Mike Schroder The Fed can still go after people, even if State law allows it. There are plenty of people in jail through the Federal System, not by State. The Fed shut down medical marijuana facilities even though they operated within State law.

  34. You can obtain fabulous Manuka Honey and raw honeys from all over the world at Bee Limitless.com! YUM! >’='< Save the Bees!

  35. Jesse Livermore, I agree this is wrong but federal law has not stopped the use of weed nor has it decreased the supply of it or access to it. And the federal government doesn't even put a dent in the usage of marijuana state by state let alone on a world scale. The point was that it grows naturally so it cannot be effectively banned. People will get it one way or another. Whether its banned or not means very little in regards to physical access.

  36. Freakin amazing! I use tea tree fir eveything cause it kills everything!

  37. Eat Your Honey!

  38. Now I have to hunt down this honey.

  39. Toby Hymas I think the FDA are human beings with jobs, who sometimes make flawed decisions.

  40. It has been told by our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w 1400 years ago.

    Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: (The Prophet said), “Healing is in three things: A gulp of honey, cupping, and branding with fire (cauterizing).” But I forbid my followers to use (cauterization) branding with fire.”

  41. Now let's not go all off the deep end on this. Killing bacteria in a dish with a known poison is not that big a deal. After all you can kill just about anything with bleach, exposure to hot air, etc. If they can demonstrate some advantage in a person, then they have something. Also, this is Australia -the FDA is US only. Even if it were in the US, the FDA would have no authority to ban unless it was deemed poisonous (which seems unlikely since it is a food I assume). Methylglyoxal is a poison plain and simple. Modern antibiotics bear absolutely no resemblance to it. If you found out that honey contained strychnine or arsenic, both of which are poisons and would likely kill bacteria – would you eat it?

  42. People in power at the FDA know exactly what they are doing..

  43. Mike Schroder Cancer and illness is big business for the medical aka Pharmaceutical Industry.. it is in their best interest to stop you from becoming illness free… therefore weed that cures basically any cancer and an alternative to the Oil industry, can be used in textiles, bio fuels, making plastics, source of protein, etc Now you understand why the corporate Industry that runs the Government makes weed illegal.

  44. When will they stop polluting our planet? If they continue destroying everything ,what will be left to eat …money !

  45. Love the bees of our beautiful planet ,lets do our best to keep them safe .<3

  46. Keep in mind that just because something has a certain effect in a test tube or petrie dish doesn’t mean it will have that effect after being eaten and broken down by your digestive system…

  47. Wouldn’t killing ALL bacteria even the good ones, be bad for you?

    UMF vs MGO testing?

  48. I had some friends bring some of this honey back from New Zealand, I just tried some a couple of weeks ago.

  49. How would they sustain it? I would be worried for exploitation of the trees & the bees commercially.

  50. Chris Winn yeahp… Been done for Millennia and it has killed everyone it has ever been around.

  51. Mike Schroder Hawai`i is actually an Illegally Occupied Sovereign Foreign Nation, thus US Law does not have Jurisdiction here, and at the time of the Joint Resolution to adopt a false Treaty of Annexation their was no law prohibiting Cannabis, since no law then forth can be valid without legal restoration and de-occupation it's still legal here! SEE Dr. Keanu Sai ( PHD in Political Science ) for confirmation of the above assertion.

  52. the FDA IS Monsanto these days – here's just one example: http://act.credoaction.com/campaign/fire_michael_taylor/?rc=fb_share1

  53. Honey has been a known antiseptic, as opposed to an antibiotic (don't ask me to explain the technical difference), at least since Native Americans used it to treat infections.

  54. Wanda WaabiskaMigizikwe Boomhower & Thomas Majors – Yes, we traditionally burnt wood for heat, but in the past, we also didn't emit billions of tons of pollutants into the air. Right now, trees do us a favor by *absorbing* most of those toxins. But when we burn them, not only are we losing our storage system & oxygen producer, but we are creating supertoxins that are even more toxic through the burning process. Instead, how about teach people to build Earthships? Made out of readily available recycled items, can be beautiful, warm, and self-sustaining. Not attached to ANY grid! http://earthship.com/

  55. CarrieAnne Johnson, we are only talking about smoking a fillet of fish.

  56. This is so awesome!!! Poor countries and people can benefit from this. <3

  57. Bob Murphy – Yes, YOU were. But Wanda responded to Chris Winn's statement that burning wood is bad for people's health, and so she said "so is freezing to death". Perhaps you weren't updated with the comment. At any rate, I was responding to the concept of avoiding freezing to death but still not needing to burn wood to stay warm. :)

  58. Jo Ann Wescott: That's only if Monsanto's GM crops don't kill off all of the honey bees. I read an article just a few days ago where lab studies indicate it's nicotine-based insecticide, I think it's called clothiodin, that's killing the bees. Fucking Monsanto!!!

  59. CarrieAnne Johnson, coal or nuclear then?

  60. Bob Murphy – Neither! As I just said, EARTHSHIPS! http://earthship.com/ (And/or modifying existing homes with earthship ideas to be off the grid, or SOLAR if not possible, but everyone should incorporate PERMACULTURE techniques where possible too.) There's SO MUCH we can do!!!

  61. CarrieAnne Johnson, my wife has a perm about once a month.

  62. For those who think the FDA can’t/won’t limit or otherwise ban NZ Manuka Honey. Read this. They are already hard at work. http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cms_ia/importalert_190.html Go the the attachment and scroll down to New Zealand. This really sucks!

  63. Toby Hymas No they won't. They tried to make turmeric a drug, and tried to block stevia as well, but woo and behold, they failed. They will also fail with this kind of honey.

  64. You people commenting realize that something with extreme antibacterial properties is probably not great for general consumption. This isn't some "miracle cure" it's something that kills cells. Just as you don't go around eating penicillin every day, you probably shouldn't be ingesting other antibiotics on the regular. The reason "superbugs" are probably not immune to it yet is that it hasn't been in wide use as an antibiotic.

  65. Christos, y ou are taliking profit motive basics to me. I do not need clarity on how the system works nor do disagree with any of what you say, but still the point has been missed. So I will reiterate once again… It doensn't matter what the reason for it, or if it happens in one country or another. Prohibition doesn't work! It may be effective for a small percentage of the population by putting some unlcuky people in jail but nomatter the laws people will grow for themselves and or distribute what they can grow naturally and there is nothing anyone can do about it. "Access", gentlemen is the key word here. And algae makes all of those things and more while requiring less land, water and materials so by your logic algae would be illegal too. Pretty soon once renewable forms of energy become dominant there will be no political reason to keep weed illegal and it will be freed.

  66. Seriously look up algae industry

  67. Sad, but likely to happen. Where money is involved, the corporate-government bond is thicker than blood. Pray for them for they know not what they do.

  68. not necessarily. The composition of honey, like the essential oils of plants are far too complicated for the bacteria to outwit. That is not the case with drugs.

  69. Also, the honey is applied topically to wounds.

  70. Laura Patterson bacteria don't "outwit" anything. Antibiotic properties of some particular reagent are due to membrane scale chemical reactions. Typically, antibiotics operate by destroying peptidoglycan, a material that composes cell membranes of bacterial lifeforms. Antibiotic resistant bacteria come about due to mutations within a bacterium's genetics that allow for different construction of their cell membranes, which are resistant to specific chemical interrupters that will destroy normal bacteria. Mutations happen readily, but rarely within bacteria, mainly because the sheer numbers involved.

    There are many other mechanisms by which anti-biotic behavior may occur. It sounds like the behavior exhibit by honey makes the activity of methylglyoxal non-toxic to multicellular structures, or perhaps eukaryotic cells. The other chemicals in the honey are not overwhelming the bacteria, they are probably muting the effect of the toxin contained in the honey to not harm larger organisms.

    Really though, I know nothing about the chemical reactions going on with methylglyoxal or this honey which cause anti-biotic behavior, because I've not studied it in particular. But, I have obviously done some studying in micobiology, as well as anti-biotic.

  71. Derek Black So, if you "nothing about the chemical reactions going on with methylglyoxal" and are not an expert in evolutionary mutations then why are you talking down to Laura? Man, I hate academic snobbery and why aren't you working in your field? "Customer Support Engineer" sounds a lot like "help desk jockey"…

  72. Brian Harvey Just noting that I haven't actually studied these mechanisms. I'm sure almost no one reading any of this has. I'm not really meaning to talk down to anyone, but just trying to give some more information about this topic.

    Also, how do you know I'm not working in my "field"? If you want to start throwing ad hominems, you might want to know more than a sentence fragment about someone.

  73. Derek Black: Bacteria have been found to not only share their "knowledge of how to foil antibiotics by mutating, they also teach other bacteria how to as well. My terminology may be anthropomorphic but the studies are there. Sorry I don't have those at my fingertips for you right now.

  74. Brian Harvey Thanks for the support. I don't take it as talking down, he is correct in what he wrote but there is more to the story. FYI I am a registered nurse, I took micro and actually enjoyed it, but my specialization is Holistic Nursing and Aromatherapy.

  75. Derek Black ah, because no one with a degree in microbiology starts as a "Customer Support Engineer"

    Lastly, I think that Laura's observation is intuitively correct. Bacteria has quickly evolved resistance to antibiotics but this honey has been around for a long time and bacteria is still vulnerable to it. So, indeed, there is something about this honey that makes it difficult for bacteria to outwit it. Of course, in the strictest sense, "outwit" implies a level of cognition that bacteria surly do not possess, but it should be clear that it's being used colloquially here and that is quite acceptable.

  76. Right Laura, what your talking about is called bacterial conjugation. It's an exchange of genetic material between bacteria. The 1 in 10,000,000,000 or so bacteria that are A. mutated to be anti-biotic resistant, and B. a species capable of conjugation, can pass the genetics required to combat anti-biotics to other bacteria (and sometimes these bacteria are not even the same species) that would generally not be resistant.

    Anyway. It's great news that a new, potentially novel, anti-bacterial agent has been found that is readily produced by nature (although almost all anti-bacterial agents have been discovered through similar sources). I just would not rush to call it a panacea, or think that this is going to be subject to some sort draconian government control. It may not even be necessarily safe to consume in large quantities (but then again, I don't know that for sure, I just happen to know a bit about microbiology).

  77. had to pass this on, thanks ken, thanks D ! This is tremendous !!

  78. That article was written in 2009. Doesn't anybody know or wonder if they made any headway into this discovery? Multreistant pathogens would have been so easy to fight by now… Must be some exagerrated claim for marketing purposes

  79. I invented a new game… it's called jump to conclusions.

  80. This is nothing about pesticides… you obviously completely missed the point of the article.

  81. Bob Murphy : Mmmm… bacon…

  82. This is awsome

  83. Jennifer Elizabeth pestisides kill bees, FDA wants sol control of medication. you think they wont crop dust the fuck outta these bushes to keep power? think again

  84. The honey is applied topically. No worries for the gut.
    Also, all honey has bacteriostatic properties, but it’s the Manuka that is being studied.

  85. Very cool

  86. Come on big corporations! Cut all those Tea Trees down quick! We can't allow people to have an alternative to American pharmaceuticals!

  87. Jennifer Elizabeth its pesticides and people that's killing bees production of honey.

  88. Ancient peoples didn't have any problems using it

  89. Theres nothing new in Manuka honey. Its been a staple in New Zealand since the 1800’s. Itts available at from any apiarist, corner shop or supermarket. Manuka, and its cousin Kanuka are grown everywhere. The wood is used for a variety of tasks and is one of the only woods that has MAF certification for food preparation. Its also the woodchip of choice for smoking food.
    In New Zealand, we have large forests that are gagging for Co2 for conversion to oxygen, so making smoke isnt a bad thing. Other nations have destroyed their forests, so dont have that luxury.
    Manuka and Kanuka honey is as good as the claims!

  90. " Heart will grasp that which is beyond Intellect" Mind is present in ALL Life, its only a matter of Degree.

  91. Derek Black You sound very well read on the subject Derek and I'm sure there is much validity to what you say. However, though far from as learnt as you seem to be, I am aware of some basic truths which are available to any whom care to seek them out; "mind"or "cognition" is evident to some degree in the operation of ALL Life, the noting of "behavior" either rational, irrational, or random is generated and guided by some impetus which many would see as "mind"

  92. Zee Kay and Christos Roubis. Pesticides do in fact kill bees. You are correct, congratulations, you know that something invented to kill bugs kills bugs. Now, think about this. We, as humans, keep and raise bees to produce honey. In so doing we are INCREASING the bee population. Large companies may not take care of their bees the way you think they should, and pesticides need to be monitored closely so that they do not impact the surrounding environments and harm indigenous creatures, but that is the same with ALL harmful chemicals and that goes for ALL indigenous flora and fauna, not just bees. Even if you are not willing to research before you post, at least think things through. If you do so in the future, you may present yourself as an individual with an IQ score greater than zero.

  93. To those who have criticized my previous post: STFU! I don't believe in pesticides, I have an all organic garden filled with herbs and other edibles that I refuse to use pesticides on, I use natural means to control pests. I have many plants in the garden that are there solely to discourage pests and I buy and release beneficial insects to control pests. So again STFU! Her post is completely off topic, the original article is about bees that make honey from Tea tree (A well known natural antiseptic), I'm not surprised that the honey kills bacteria. There is nothing in the original article about pesticides, bees dying, etc. I brew mead, I know all about pesticides killing bees and thus raising the price of honey, I even know about China ultra filtering their honey and smuggling it into the USA through other countries because their honey is full of chemicals that could be harmful to humans. This article is not about that, so it's kind of silly to comment about that, stay on topic or or find a way to weave your comment into the topic so that it makes sense and expands on the topic.

  94. Jennifer Elizabeth made sense to me..STFU … ROFL.

  95. Jennifer Elizabeth made sense to me..STFU … ROFL.

  96. Chris Winn , you think what you want , or believe what you want about burning wood. With a good set up and good wood, the only thing that gets hurt is the gas/electric company's profits.

  97. I never knew you ran the companies that pay brazilian farmers to burn down the rainforests Bob and I thought you were just telling us about the lovely N.Z and the wonderful honey there – in! Get a grip people I bet every one of you knocking the campfire is sat in your electrically heated houses using elecrtic lamps, tv's,gas ovens etc. Lets face it people you are burning electric to sit at your computer screen talking to completely random people about fairly bernal topics! its hardly the stuff greenpeace was founded for is it. Try conserving your own energy preachy! On a lighter note Manuka honey is amazing and apart from growing the odd web slinger in my wrist as a result i'd say go get some and let the non believers get ill, die off and leave the trees for you 'n' me to burn responsibly!

  98. Well said Marv Kingston. You got it first time, unlike all these Al Gore clones.

  99. and to all you fire lovers out there we will again be having a huge communal fire at this years Landed Festival as well as featuring traders who make candles out of the beeswax their bees produce over here in the welsh hills! brought to you by shameless promotions r us! http://www.landedfestival.co.uk Maybe we'll get some manuka honey in too but its pricey stuff and hardly in keeping with our green credentials when you consider its gotta travel all the way to the other side of the world in a big gas guzzling airoplane! Produce, buy and eat locally i say!


  100. Marv Kingston, that is the secret of the All Black success although Warren Gatland hasn't told the Welsh yet. Seriously though I believe that some-one in Devon or Cornwall has a grove of Manuka and produces honey.

  101. WOW tis true that :

    Supplies of a honey renowned for its health benefits have sold out in the first month of production at an estate in Cornwall.
    The manuka honey, which has previously only been produced in New Zealand, comes from hives at the Tregothnan estate near Truro.
    It is claimed to ease sore throats, acne, sunburn, gum disease and digestive problems.
    Despite a £55 price tag, the first batch has run out.
    It was launched last month at the Chelsea Flower Show.
    Among other uses, the honey has been used to soak dressings for cancer patients in Manchester to reduce the risk of contracting MRSA and to reduce inflammation.


    Lol and i thought the imported stuff was pricey!

  102. There I was right.

  103. AGAIN!!!

  104. Christos Roubis: Looking at your other posts, I'm not surprised that this made sense to you. Lol!

  105. Jennifer Elizabeth as I see it you have missed the point. No bees, no honey, neither in New Zealand or elsewhere. Bees are dying in millions because of the use of pesticides

  106. Zoila Ravanti: Actually, as I said before, I get that. This article isn't about that. That is all.

  107. Jennifer, so the debate must be structured by an authoritarian such as yourself? Are we not free to discuss any aspect of this issue that we wish regardless of what you think the point of the article is? Some of us see the relevance of pesticides to this article and we feel that is important for anyone who reads this article to know that pesticides are what is killing our bees that benefit us in such a way as this. So who are you to tell us what to talk about? If you don't have anything constructive to say on this topic then move on to a thread or comment that interest you. We don't need dissent suppression we need to talk about it. Besides you are wrong about the overall point anyways. This is organicjar.com where organic farming is the overall point and pesticides are the antithesis of organic growing. The benefits of a resource is not the only important thing here, it the preservation of that resource in this case, honey. What is wrong with spreading important information? What is the harm and why are you so upset at anyone who points this out?

  108. Mike Schroder So wait, are you telling me that your average moron won't make the connection that bees are bugs and that since pesticides kill bugs that it would kill bees too? News Flash: Something invented to kill bugs KILLS BUGS, quick, someone alert the authorities! Really? That's important info that needs to be spread because no one knows? I'm pretty sure anyone who is interested in organic farming (like all the people on this site) already know this. In fact, I bet that most if not all of the people reading this very thread already know this and don't use them. Ever heard the phrase "preaching to the choir"? I try to only tell people what they should or shouldn't be doing when I think they might be doing it wrong. Telling a bunch of people who are into Organic gardening that they shouldn't use pesticides just seems silly. If people are that stupid then there really is no hope of saving our planet anyway, all the morons will just undo the efforts of the organic farmers and such. Put that sort of thing in a forum where people might not already know about it, you might change someone's mind and help them to go organic. I read the comments on this article because I wanted to learn more about people's opinions and knowledge about this subject. Not to be told something that any idiot should know already and has NOTHING to do with the subject.

  109. this sounds to good to be true where can we get it before the fda gets a hold of it and then it will take 14 more times the amount to fix anything.

  110. Jennifer Elizabeth , you're attitude towards people sucks. And there is so much hypocrisy in your words tha I feel I need to quote and refute.

    "So wait, are you telling me that your average moron won't make the connection that bees are bugs and that since pesticides kill bugs that it would kill bees too?"

    Not everybody knows what pesticides are, let alone what they do to bees and only a moron would assume that everybody knows something or can figure it out on their own without someone telling them what the word means or what the problem is. Just because someone doesn't know something doesn't mean that they are morons. The moron is the one who cannot discern the difference between intelligence and knowledge. Just because you know something that you think should be common knowledge doesn't mean it is common knowledge. Last time I checked the majority of Americans are considered to be under educated and apathetic in regards to these things. There will always be someone who can benefit from any knowledge. Who are you to keep that away from new comers?

    "I'm pretty sure anyone who is interested in organic farming (like all the people on this site) already know this. In fact, I bet that most if not all of the people reading this very thread already know this and don't use them. Ever heard the phrase "preaching to the choir"?"

    So if i visit a car manufacturing website because a flashy article grabbed my attention then I should automatically know everything about cars? A very baseless assumption once again. Not everyone that visits this website necessarily has pre existing knowledge of pesticides or interest in anything else that has to do with organic growing. There very well could be half of the audience in ignorance to this and there is no way for you or any of us to know who it is because nobody is going to come out and say, "hey i didn't know that thanks for the info!" But we do get egotistical people like you, who come out and say, "i already knew that! why are you trying to tell me what i already know!" as if you are insulted. You are not the only one on here and not everyone has your immense knowledge of organic farming. Just because its common knowledge to you doesn't make it so for everyone. I mean, I knew what pesticides were when first learned of them but they didn't tell me that it killed bees also, nor did they tell us how beneficial the bees are to us. How would I know unless I was told since I have no reason to ask? Is it so difficult to assume that a pesticide may be used to kill a certain bug but not others? I mean you assume that you know what is in the minds of everyone on here so why can't they assume something just as silly such as that the bees are just fine and need no help?

    "I try to only tell people what they should or shouldn't be doing when I think they might be doing it wrong."

    Who are you to say whats wrong or right? I think your opinion is just an opinion and my opinion is that all information is beneficial to all people in all times and places even if you already have it because some people need to be reminded. If you already know something and the subject doesn't interest you then go to a different thread and contribute to that conversation and leave us alone. Don't waste everyone's time dictating what we talk about especially when it is a positive message. All she is doing is reminding us that our consumer choices are driving the extinction of these beneficial bugs. Anyone reading this may not know how important bees are or even that bees are going extinct let alone what is causing it. There is nothing wrong with that. You think the right thing to do is to stop someone from spreading a positive message as if they are the one wasting your time. Why don't you use your energy for something more constructive? Because you are the one being destructive here. Did you even read my first post on this thread? I wrote about some simple solutions that everyone can take using microbes to address this problem on an individual and communal level. I would not have had a reason to spread that info to more people without being more random than her if it were not for her comment. But I guess the solutions i offered are not important and everyone already knows about them too…

    "Telling a bunch of people who are into Organic gardening that they shouldn't use pesticides just seems silly."

    Again, assuming that everyone who reads this article is an organic farmer of experience and that anyone that is not an organic farmer or consumer is not going to gain a new interest or benefit from the information about she provided. That in itself is enough to discredit your entire point. If I came onto this page and I didn't know about pesticides I think I would have benefited from this thread.

    "If people are that stupid then there really is no hope of saving our planet anyway, all the morons will just undo the efforts of the organic farmers and such"

    Again, the lack of knowledge doesn't make someone stupid. Not everybody knows what pesticides are. And not everyone can be as smart as you to figure it out on their own. Why don't you take a position of encouragement and support for those less intelligent, since you are so wise, instead of criticizing? And the only kinds of people who can undo organic farming are those who try to stop the spread of information such as this. To be honest I think you're just a hater. She nor anyone else said anything to you until you made an arrogant comment. We can talk about what ever we want to. Obviously there are a lot more irrelevant and untrue statements than hers if you actually read them all. why don't you save the world and go attack them while we waste our time discussing solutions to pesticide problems?

    "Put that sort of thing in a forum where people might not already know about it, you might change someone's mind and help them to go organic."

    I guarantee you that some people learned from Violet's statement. Not everyone on here is already interested in this before reading it. A lot of people see the link on their friends fb page and they get curious because of the headline. So lets assume Im a facebook user and I've never learned about agriculture, organics farming, pesticides or anything like that, but my buddy is. He post this link and I go visit the page because it sounds interesting. Are you telling me that even though i have never heard of it before that I am a moron because I don't know about it? Or are you saying that I should automatically assume that these bees are going extinct and due to pesticides and then think of the solution without anyone telling me??? Or are you saying that if someone doesn't already know what pesticides are or anything about organic farming that they don't deserve to know or that they can't benefit from someone telling them?

    "I read the comments on this article because I wanted to learn more about people's opinions and knowledge about this subject. Not to be told something that any idiot should know already and has NOTHING to do with the subject."

    Wow! lol… First of all, as many people on here have, and will continue to agree on, is that it has everything to do with pesticides. And I like how you are interested in others opinions but then tell them not to give it. Here's my opinion since you care. Anyone who reads this and comes away with the knowledge that bees are very beneficial to us and the environment should also come away with the information that these bees are being wiped out. Wouldn't you want to know that after reading about such amazing creatures? And if so wouldn't you want to know why so you can do something about it?

  111. Mike Schroder: In my original response to Violets comment I said that she should find a way to weave it in to the subject, so it makes sense. "STOP using PESTICIDES! people STOP BUYING these pesticides! for how much PROOF are you waiting haa? are you waiting until all the BEES DIE? action in needed NOW….no more further delays…" She does not go into any detail about pesticides killing bees and why it's soooo important to stop using the pesticides, like you did. People usually skip over things when they don't understand them and don't make sense. The lack of intelligence and education of the majority of people astounds me and I get rather disgusted by it. You seem smart and educated and you explained the issue so for that I thank you. What you said may have educated some people, "STOP using PESTICIDES! people STOP BUYING these pesticides! for how much PROOF are you waiting haa? are you waiting until all the BEES DIE? action in needed NOW….no more further delays…" will not educate anyone. As to wasting people's time, her origonal comment was a waste of time, if only someone like you had written that comment in the first place. That is all I will say on the subject as this thread has already wasted enough of my time.

  112. Mike Schroder: I almost forgot, last thing I promise… "Jennifer Elizabeth , you're attitude towards people sucks." My attitude towards stupid and or uneducated people "sucks", for them, not for me. I refuse to tolerate it, unless they're mentally challenged or something. Oh and btw, it's *your* not *you're* but I'm sure it was just a typo. Now that is all I will say on the subject.

  113. yes i am waiting for all the bees to die

  114. honey good, bacteria bad.

  115. right!!!! tea tree oil is awesome also just in case u cant get ahold of this special honey. natural antibiotic and anti fungal.

  116. I thought all types of honey were antibacterial.

  117. Maybe this one is more aggressive/consistent?

  118. Oh wow, it's Tea Tree Honey!! That totally makes sense!

  119. Jennifer Elizabeth the Pesticides made by the Evil company Monsanto are killing the Bees…Well said Violet Tulip…..

  120. Alert !!!
    You all shut up immediately ! Or you will be arrested as honey terrorists and send to GITMO !
    Thank you for your cooperation .
    ~ Big pharma ~



  123. I know that I sure love my Melaleuca and the Tea Tree Oil.

  124. CarrieAnne Johnson ..yes, i understand the burning process however many people are unable to build these earth ships or, some have only enough funds for month to month groceries and must use wood..it is what it is..it will improve in time..

  125. Tea Tree oil is known to be awesome and have healing properties, so this makes so much sense.

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