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Research Confirms Organic Apples Have More Antioxidants Than Conventionally Grown Apples

Research Confirms Organic Apples Have More Antioxidants Than Conventionally Grown Apples

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Research Confirms Organic Apples Have More Antioxidants Than Conventionally Grown Apples (OrganicJar) Organically produced apples have a 15 per cent higher antioxidant capacity than conventionally produced apples, says a new study from Germany. Findings published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry add to the ongoing debate over whether organically grown produce is more nutritious than conventionally grown produce. A report published in March 2008 by the Organic Center at America’s Organic Trade Association argued that organic produce is 25 per cent more nutritious than conventional produce. “In the present study the organically produced apples displayed a higher phytochemical concentration and a higher antioxidant capacity than conventionally produced apples,” wrote the researchers, from the Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food in Karlsruhe.

Study Details:

Watzl and his co-workers compared the polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity of Golden Delicious apples grown under organic and conventional conditions over a three year period (2004-2006). According to their findings, in 2005 and 2006 the antioxidant capacity was 15 per cent higher in the organic fruit than the conventionally produced fruits. Organic apples grown in 2005 also had a higher polyphenol concentration, said the researchers.

My Thoughts:

I’ve always been a huge supporter of buying organic, hence my blog. Not only is organically grown food higher in nutritional value, but it is free from exposure to harmful herbicides and pesticides that I believe when consumed over your life, can lead to disease in the body. Think of it logically, these herbicides and pesticides are used to ‘kill’ weeds and bugs…why would it not adversely effect the plant itself. Of course it does! I’ve read independent research that says organic apples can have as much as 60% more nutrition. So next time your shopping and that organic apple is .35 cents more…your getting at least 15% more nutrition. Your body will love you for getting it. What does everyone else think? Source: foodnavigator-usa.com

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  1. I buy only buy organic apples. For years I had experienced mild irritation like itchy gums and throat when eating those super shiny conventionally grown apples. I knew that organic was better but it really is more expensive, sometimes double in price. Fortunately, my love for apples forced me to buy organic. I love them, they’re juicier sweeter and I have no allergic reaction when eating them. I also read an article in Body & Soul magazine that said they also aid in allergy relief. I also had previous irritation when eating carrots, peaches, plums and a few other raw fruits and veggies. Now that I eat only organic I have no reactions and though I do suffer from seasonal allergies it is no where near the severity I had previously experienced. Great article.

  2. Dried Organic Bananas contains the equivalent of a full cup of fresh bananas. Organic Food

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