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I’m Back! :)

I’m Back! :)

Posted in Health
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(OrganicJar) Hi Everyone! I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t written any new articles in a while. I ended up taking a 30 day hiatus from all forms of work to relax, spend time with my brother Ryan who left for the Peace Corps, and visit family and friends. I’m back in San Francisco now and more motivated than ever to help transform the health of the world and continue my life’s passion of educating everyone, including myself on how powerful food, nutrition, and eco living can be for you and the environment. I’ve got some exciting things coming up! I’m really excited to start my new health video series which should launch soon. Okay, I hope everyone is well and if you’d like even more information, or see what I’ve been up to the last month, you can follow, befriend and connect with me here: Facebook: fanpage.organicjar.com Twitter: twitter.com/organicjar YouTube: youtube.organicjar.com Qik (Live Videos): qik.organicjar.com CHEERS! – Jason Cairns

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