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Vegetables, Nuts, Mediterranean Diet Amazing For Your Heart

Vegetables, Nuts, Mediterranean Diet Amazing For Your Heart

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Vegetables, Nuts, Mediterranean Diet Amazing For Your Heart (OrganicJar) Canadian scientists from McMaster University reviewed research articles from 1950 to 2007 that investigated dietary factors in relation to heart disease. They discovered that diets high in vegetables and nuts, and those that follow a Mediterranean diet (fruits, vegetables and fish) were strongly associated with lower heart disease risk. A total of 146 studies that looked back on the habits and 43 randomized controlled trials were identified and included in the review. In addition, there was strong evidence that certain dietary factors are harmful, such as foods with a high glycemic index, and trans fatty acids. This includes rice, pasta, refined carbohydrates like white bread, and fried foods. "People should focus on consuming a healthy dietary pattern, such as the Mediterranean diet, high in fruits and vegetables, and a diet low in trans fat," said Dr. Sonia Anand a professor of medicine at McMaster.

My Thoughts:

If you’ve been living under a rock lately, then you might not know that the ‘America Diet’ of fast food, frozen meals, and processed foods are part of the reason America is so unhealthy. The biggest problem is people don’t eat ‘Food’ anymore. Just the other day I was eating a salad and my friend says, “are you hungry, we can go get some food”. I responded with, “I’m eating food.” I personally think Michael Pollen said it best…” Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”

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  1. Quite an informative post, keeping some good habits in eating and exercise can keep a doctor mile away or we can say a phone away. Also the immediate solution to the health problem can help you reclaim your health. Because of the unpredicted causes of diseases, it has become necessary for everyone to be in the constant contact with doctors. Many medical companies now provide the eConsultation facilities to cure the disease before it occurrence. Companies like Elite health helps people to be in the immediate contact with the doctors with any medium to address your health problems, and quickly stabilizing your body. They also provide helps like dieticians who regularly supervise your diet so as to make your life a better thing to be.

  2. I totally agree with this article. People have forgotten how to cook. Its so easy if you have a slow cooker or Halogen oven. There is far too much sodium in processed meals. Nuts and seeds make good snacks too, but not salted or flavoured.

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