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Raw Almonds Still Illegal

Raw Almonds Still Illegal

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Raw Almonds Still Illegal

(OrganicJar) I’m still surprised at the number of people who buy raw almonds thinking that they’re raw. The truth is they’re not. In the fall of 2007 a bill was passed requiring all raw almonds in North America to undergo a mandatory pasteurization making it illegal to purchase raw almonds.

Last week a federal judge rejected challenges to the law, which was introduced in response to two isolated outbreaks of salmonella, in conjunction with conventional almond farms, one in Canada in 2001, and a second in Oregon in 2004. While contamination in almonds is not common, the industry determined that aggressive measures were necessary to prevent any other occurrences.

Raw almonds, the heartbeat of all nuts, literally, have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease, a rich source of calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, protein, fiber and antioxidants to name a few. Now, these once amazing and life enhancing health benefits have become devastatingly reduced if not completely eliminated in the pasteurization process.

Luckily, there are a few loop holes that still allow you to purchase raw almonds. You can purchase them online, and at farmers markets. Just make sure to buy from a reputable source.

My Thoughts:

Laws like this are a blatant attack on our food freedom. I remember emailing Nancy Pelosi back in 2007, only to get an email response cloaked in “we must do this for the health of the nation”. My only response was to ask, how many people die every day from prescription medication that the pharmaceutical cartel and corrupt FDA label as safe? I’m still waiting for a response to that email.

Would love to hear your thoughts and any recommendations on where you buy your raw almonds.

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  1. Amazing, will they try to make “raw” apples illegal? What about raw carrots? How about raw lettuce?

  2. So glad to know the origin of this ridiculous law…I am sure a ton more people have become sick from gentically modified foods but those are still legal????

  3. Surprisingly, Whole Foods is carrying small packages of raw, organic almonds in their packaged bulk section (at least in Sonoma, CA). Their bulk bins however, contain organic almonds that have been pasturized. They are not labeled raw.


  4. Kathy, you might want to contact the company/brand of those raw almonds, I highly doubt they are raw. The law allows them to be labeled as ‘raw almonds’ when in fact they are not and have been pasteurized, because according to the law, a pasteurized almond is a raw almond…it’s terrible the levels you must go to in order to eat healthy. I buy all my raw almonds from the farmers market.

  5. You mention not why the government makes them illegal in raw form, besides bacterial contamination (which is common to all foods).

    You neglect the entire CYANIDE issue….

  6. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (research this people!!!)-they have been and are heading towards taking out all of the nutrients in our food-MORE POWER FOR THEM so that they may control the masses. CODEX/FDA want to start making vitamins unavailable to us without a doctor’s prescription-EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!!

  7. I would really love a way to get true raw almonds. Do you have any sources for those living outside CA to get them?

  8. Alison, this is a great site to buy Raw Almonds. I’ve talked with the Mark (owner) many times and have personally purchased his almonds. You can even get Raw Milk. Enjoy!! http://www.organicpastures.com/products_almonds.html

  9. Here’s where I get mine. It’s a great company !


  10. I grow almonds here in northern California on my small farm and I am still selling unpasteurized, natural raw almonds directly to consumers – sort of like an online “farmer’s market”. Check it out at http://www.homegrownalmonds.com/natural-raw-almonds.html

  11. I farm almonds and am able to sell unpasteruized raw almonds at local farmer’s markets. We also sell them at our online store: http://www.homegrownalmonds.com

  12. Is this for real? I had no idea there was a loophole so you could still buy almonds raw.

  13. Yes, this article is for real. :) Happy Almond Shopping!

  14. Alison,
    feel free to contact us toll free at: 866-499-0825. We offer Organic Raw Unpasteurized/untreated almonds grown in the USA.

  15. This is so insane! I think Dainis’s comment says it all!

  16. What about unshelled almonds? Are they also pasteurized now?

  17. Real raw almonds can still be bought in the USA — but only directly from the grower. Check this one out:


  18. what about raw peanuts? the same story? any suggestions where I can buy them?
    Thank you!

  19. If you want to buy unpasteurized raw organic almonds from a reputable business at the most affordable price, go to BremnerFarmsRoadsideStand.com! You’ll get beautiful, fresh, great-tasting almonds directly from our family’s farm!

  20. As a company, we have been educating people about really raw almonds. Thousands of people have signed our petition. We are committed to producing gourmet raw and organically flavored almonds and other nuts, as well as unflavored raw almonds. We hope to change minds, one nut at a time!

  21. I’ve been buying my almonds from Anderson Almonds for years. They are stilling shipping their almonds out without any sort of pasteurization. Only $8.00 with the shipping included.


  22. I would not buy from Nutsonline.com. they sell almonds which they claim are unpasteurized but which actually are pasteurized!! They are dark and toasted-looking on the outside and taste of freezer burn too. and they refused to give me a refund!! Stay away from that place!!!!

  23. Great article! Its so important to buy RAW ALMONDS! – Thanks!

  24. Jim Mc Coey:

    Your site says that your almonds ARE pasteurized. What’s the deal??

  25. Raw almonds are illegal, in part, because they are what Cyanide is made from. A deadly and fast acting poison. Eating an excessive amount of them can make you very sick. Be sure and eat ONLY those that have been pasteurized.

  26. Here are two sources about raw almonds. Both reference Prussic acid, from which cyanide is made, in raw almonds.



    The clipping below is from the second link.

    Almonds come in two varieties, sweet and bitter. Sweet almonds are used in many Asian dishes, as well as dessert pastes and garnishes. A popular use for crushed sweet almonds is a European candy base called marzipan. The almonds are mixed with glucose (a sugar substitute that can be derived from almonds) and water to form a thick but pliable paste. Marzipan can be molded into cookies or other identifiable shapes by skilled dessert makers.

    Sweet almonds can also be processed into essential oils or extracts. Almond extract is commonly used as an alternative to vanilla extract in diabetic-safe recipes. Sweet almonds are often roasted and turned into slivers or chunks for texture in ice creams or puddings.

    The bitter form of almonds is also used in cooking, but it must first be processed in the raw stage. Bitter almonds contain a toxic amount of prussic acid, which can be further refined into a poison called cyanide. Consuming a handful of raw bitter almonds can lead to death from this poison. Consequently, the prussic acid must be leached out of the bitter almonds before they can be used by humans as food.

  27. We offer 2009 new crop real raw almonds, certified organic and untreated for $8.00 a pound. Call 1-877-3-RAW-NUTS. Direct from the grower and delicious.

  28. To John Min
    The reason for the ruling about almond pasteurization had nothing to do with almonds being used to make Cyanide. The ruling came after 2 rare cases of Salmonella were found in almonds. The salmonella did not come from the almond itself but from the surroundings, bird droppings in the field, etc. The almonds sold in California are the sweet variety and not the bitter kind that is toxic.

  29. I’ve personally never seen a bitter almond in my life. You?

    I think all the raw almonds we love and are used to buying are of the sweet almond variety. Why the heck do they want to pasturize those?

    As a chef, I can tell you, it completely ruins the flavor and the delicate oils inside.

    Boo to the FDA on this one!

  30. Homegrownalmonds.com, although they call their almonds natural, are not organic. He mentions on his website that he uses insecticides.

  31. Cyanide is only present in bitter almonds. I’ve seen no studies stating the efficacy of pasteurizing for making cyanide inert. The pasteurization process and the misrepresentation has the same impetus… Money…f^@%$in money.

  32. what about other nuts? Is it just almonds that have to be pasteurized?

  33. To my knowledge, only Almonds are ‘Required’ to be pasteurized and still allowed to be labeled ‘Raw’. You just have to purchase them online through a reputable seller, or at farmers markets. Cheers Jason

  34. Jason,

    Do you know if the almonds from Organic Pastures are certified organic and if so, who does the certification? I didn’t see that info on their site and the person I spoke with on the phone didn’t know. BTW. Great website! Just found it today.

  35. Arby – I’m a big fan of Organic Pastures. I’m pretty sure they are certified organic by the USDA. More importantly when you buy them online they are truly ‘raw’ and NOT pasteurized. Glad you found us! Cheers! – Jason

  36. did you find out about shelled almonds? are the gassed? thanks joann

  37. Aww :( I was looking for pictures of raw almonds and dry-roasted unsalted almonds to try to see if the ones in this mix i bought were raw or not, i guess they’re not. :( What a ridiculous law. No wonder the almonds where I work are no longer labeled “Whole Raw Almonds” and are now just labeled “Almonds” I remember the recall a few years back and when we started stocking almonds again the package had changed. The law should be about … keeping animal feces away from where the nuts are handled… not cooking the nutrients out.

  38. domestic grown almonds contain no cyanide..only wild almonds

  39. I recently purchased 5 lbs of almonds from Organic Pastures. The box was labeled “USDA Certified Organic”. The people I spoke w/ on the phone were nice and the shipping was prompt. The per/lb cost w/ shipping was also the least expensive I could find. Two thumbs up!

  40. I purchase the best truly raw almonds I have ever tasted from http://www.homegrownalmonds.com
    The owner posted a comment on this website, and I decided to check it out. The almonds are fresh, crunchy, and very delicious.

  41. Keep up researching John Min. I read the wiki article you posted and others and looked at photos of bitter and sweet almonds and I was convinced I was eating bitter almonds until I read this article:

    Many people have heard the term “bitter Almond” and want to know what they are…Bitter almonds contain a toxic amount of prussic acid. It is not legal to cultivate Bitter Almonds in California and they are virtually unavailable in the United States…Consuming a handful of raw bitter almonds can lead to death.

    I like it when people post links to more info along with their statements.

  42. Jon-
    Firstly, pasteurization doesn’t take out cyanide from raw almonds, it just doesn’t work that way. Secondly, Domestic almonds don’t have cyanide! Only the wild strings do. Do some research before you try and use scare tacticts.

    Further, contamination in raw almonds is VERY rare, but in meat it’s become monumental. Yet the FDA does nothing about it, claiming that they have no way to force a company to do a recall, even though meat is tainted. I fail to see why it should be illegal to not be able to get raw almonds which have a LOW chance of contamination but there’s no law requiring that contaminated meat must be recalled.

  43. I absolutely LOVE raw almonds. I eat a small portion daily. They are really good…they help you feel full…and I don’t have to worry about “miscellaneous extras” in my food. I buy them from our local co-op, and feel good about helping my local economy.

  44. Unfortunately, the meat market has a huge lobbying influence on Capitol Hill. Wave some dollars in the face of a Congressman, and you can get whatever you want passed or not passed. Poor almond farmers probably don’t have the money to prevent the passing of this law which is such a freaking waste of taxpayers’ dollars. This really ticks me off! I am so sick of big government!!!

  45. I think most people (including the original poster) are completely ignorant about the pasturization process. For example: An egg can be pasturized at 140 degrees for 3 1/2 minutes which kills salmonella without even begining to cook the egg. Unless someone can tell me different, I just don’t believe that vitamins & minerals are destroyed at such a low temperature for such a short period of time. The only thing I have ever read about a specific vitamin being destroyed by heat is vitamin C at boiling temperatures of 212 degrees and over a period of time longer than just 3 1/2 minutes. Don’t jump on the band wagon so easily and believe what any ignorant poster is willing to post to play with your head. Don’t even believe what I am posting until you do the simple research yourself and learn the real facts before you just jump in and agree with it.

  46. A few workers in our area got Salmonella poisoning. It is a good thing that they did not die and they have fully recovered. ~

  47. Its not true, you can buy unpasteurized almonds!! here is the trick, You have to buy from the grower, in the law there is an exemption.The grower can sell up to 100lbs per day per person. check out http://www.organicalmondsraw.com..true organic unpasteurized almonds!!

  48. Bitter almonds…here is the truth..bitter almonds are from almond trees that are grown from the nut..spain and other countries do this.The reason you dont get bitter nuts here in the usa, is because almonds here in the states are grafted on to various fruit stock, and not grown from the nut sprouting.

  49. I have an uncle that ate a handful of raw almonds on a farm as a child. I guess they must have been “bitter”. He nearly died, and as a result, was severely brain damaged. I personally agree with knifethrower, I can’t imagine much of the nutrients being lost at 140 degrees, not worth the risk.

  50. he didnt almost die from bitter almonds!!! only way he would almost die is if he was allergic to almonds which was probably the case. Just what we need more scare stories without the facts. bitter almonds wont kill you heck all of the imported almonds are allowed by law to have up to 20% bitter almonds

  51. Are the health benefits really vanished when we pasteurize almonds? What about when we roast them?

  52. This is just more of the same – government interfering in our daily lives. The real reason for this law is Big Pharma wanted it – after they destroy your natural, healthy and healing foods they hope you’ll get ill and get on the pill wagon. I am so disgusted with these Senators and Congressmen sticking their nose where they don’t belong. They have been bought nad paid for by big business interests. See “Death by Medicine” info here :

  53. And the government still allows people to buy cigarettes…. are they required to undergo a mandatory pasteurization?

  54. Tom, are they organic?

  55. Oops I thought it would put my response with the comment I’m replying to:

    Tom Dafoe | May 19, 2009 | Reply

    I grow almonds here in northern California on my small farm and I am still selling unpasteurized, natural raw almonds directly to consumers – sort of like an online “farmer’s market”. Check it out at http://www.homegrownalmonds.com/natural-raw-almonds.html

  56. @knifethrower – but will pasteurized almonds sprout? I doubt it.

  57. I intended that bs call on the posters here who claim that cyanide is present in raw almonds to the level it is unsafe to consume.Cyanide is an organic compound present in minute amounts in many plants and seeds.If you want to claim that your uncle got brain damage from almonds,by all means post his name and medical records for all our edification.Not likely as the amount to consume would be unlikely.He probably was pretty brain damaged to begin with.

  58. Knifethrower:The temp of over 118 deg.f is enough to denature proteins and kill enzymes in milk and healthy food making it nessisary for your body to produce enzymes to digest said foods.Most of us find it impossible to produce these”lost”enzymes and suffer the consequences.The same happens to cats and dogs who consume dead,cooked foods that uncooked would maintain their health and give them full measure of life for their alloted lifespans determinded by nature.Pasteurazation kills the consumer just as surely as the intended salmonella.It just takes a little longer.Go to http://www.mnwelldir.org/docs/history/biographies/louis_pasteur.htm I didnt write this article but the references back up everthing this author states.The myth continues to this day that the bad germs are all killed by pasteurization(March of 1985 19,660 confirmed cases of Salmonella typhimurium illness FROM CONSUMING PROPERLY PASTEURIZED MILK. Over 200,000 people ill from Salmonella typhimurium in PASTEURIZED MILK) Go read it and stfu about how we are all safe now that we have a 159 yo process that has proven how unsafe it is.

  59. @Paul: I’d like to find a protein which doesn’t denature at pH 2 as found in your stomach. Besides which all proteins are broken down into amino acids before being absorbed into the body. The only thing you might loose of relevance during pasteurization is unstable chemicals such as some vitamins.

  60. You can buy raw almonds through a group purchase by greensmoothiegirl.com. I did this last year and got a group of people to order and saved a lot of money over mail order almonds…and the almonds were fantastic. This group purchase is starting and ending soon, so if you’re interested check it out. I am a customer only, not an owner or advertiser for them.

  61. After reading through this thread it seems that due to the ‘trace’ of cyanide found in almonds, the government is claiming it unsafe.

    I don’t buy into the conspiracy theory that it’s to line the pockets of big drug companies, but more to do with the government covering their backsides.

    Unfortunately pasteurization seems to kill much of the raw and living nutrient properties of the almond, which defeats the object.

    After my own research and a good dose of common sense; consuming raw, organic sweet almonds is what I intend to carry on doing.

    I’ve not felt in the least bit poorly since eating them over 6 months ago and due to a general healthy lifestyle, have felt a whole lot better!


  62. Has anyone even addressed the fact that raw almonds are illegal BECAUSE THEY CAN KILL YOU?

    Good lord. Raw almonds contain 4–9 mg of hydrogen cyanide! CYANIDE, PEOPLE.

  63. Reading through this thread, you would think that most of the information being passed around here was pulled out of a Cracker Jack box. WTF! “The Freaking” info is all over the web. Do your homework……..

  64. Wow.. Yet another reason FDA trying to push there medicated crap and chemicalized junk foods to us and blocking out all health benefits saying they are “Required act of Safety” But there really not and what there doing is illegal. So your saying natures promise and auoro natural raw almonds ARE FREAKING PASTEURIZED?! Even though they say raw Almonds on them.. wow I hate the FDA in all but passing a law about this and not telling anyone thinking I’m really eating raw nuts and I’M NOT?! This just cuts the line against Organic and FDA.. we are aloud to have raw milk and even raw cashews raw pecans raw peanuts raw pumpkin seeds and any other nuts but not ALMONDS? because an unhealthy american who stomachs FDA crap gets sick over one almond.. Gimme a break.

    Where do you buy raw almonds I’m on a raw food diet and I’m eating cooked almonds how wonderful to know.. o_o

  65. It was the pharmaceutical cartel that was instrumental in making the sale of bitter almonds illegal in this country. Take a look at the You-Tube video “The cancer report,” (full version)and watch the whole video and then you will know why I say this.

  66. There is an almond pasteurization petition-ongoing- please sign

  67. Just tried to go to the website you mentioned….not there any more!

  68. haha, and cigarettes are healthy and safe…and legal. Hilarious. I wonder how many raw almonds have killed compared to prescription drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Whatever. Has anyone addressed the fact that cigarettes contain formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT?? FORMALDEHYDE, AMMONIA, HYDROGEN, CYANIDE, ARSENIC AND DDT, PEOPLE!

  69. It amazes me how truly ignorant so many people are about wellness, vitality, energy and FOOD! I think its because their brains are clearly not getting enough nutrition and cant function properly, no joke. I have spent time in places where I couldn’t get the food I know sustains the body, and eaten the “standard american diet” – and within a few days I was puffy, tired, and incapable of doing much other than watching tv – isnt that what most americans are like? haha – well, if you listen to people who look dead tell you how to be vibrantly alive, expect similar results! Power to the Raw People!

  70. I am amazed how so called healthly eaters think just because it states raw or all organic on the label its true. If an organic farm is within 2 miles of an interstate system or 50 miles from a large city or chemical plant when it rains where do you think all the contaminates go? The DEQ and EPA or political jokes or should I say pascifiers For elections!

  71. I am thinking hard of getting some raw almonds at realrawfood.com since they’re Canadian. They were great enough to tell me their almonds were not pasteurized, raw and do not not go over the 110 degree mark when dried. My questions are these. 140 is the mark where we start worrying about things getting destroyed right? Would this drying process keep all the nutrients entact? Do other places do the same thing with their raw almonds? Can I get even rawer or is it ok like this? Where do other Canadians get their almonds at? Has anybody gotten their almonds from realrawfood.com before?

  72. we wish to provide dried nuts i.e. almond, walnuts, peanuts and other to you please order for demand

    best regard

  73. Anything in it's pure unadulterated state is best for the human body. Those two cases should not be held against the entirety of the almond crop growers and the reputation of the food. You are so right about the drugs labelled as safe. I have yet to figure out why things with high likely hoods of causing heart attack, stroke, seizure, and in some cases suicide are allowed to sit on shelves while good, all natural pureness is banished from stores nationwide. All I have learned is that it is not about the foods or safety at all; it is government getting more and more in controll of our personal lives and chooses.

  74. Tragic to say the least.

  75. I read some of you are interested in raw almonds and asking about a source here is my experience http://www.tierrafarm.com/cajuncashewswhole-2-1-2.aspx ,best quality and economical, I have good experience

  76. Until I see further studies I'm not going to buy into this global statement that all the goodies are gone. If you're so freaked out about the miniscule loss, then you better grow your own tree and eat them on the one perfect day when they're at their utmost peak of freshness. Otherwise, please… just eat some more nuts.

  77. I have never heard this before now…but it caught my attention because I love almonds..

  78. The FDAis made up with retired pharmacutical execs who pass laws to benefit pharma companies and get kickbacks and lobby money. Not for the public welfare/ There is no conflict of interest in the government. The public is being sold out by congress and career politicans. Why do you think people pay millions of dollars to get a job that pays a few hundred thousand. There is more in the bribery that goes on in the interest of public safty.

  79. So incredibly true…its just a matter of time before the government controls EVERYTHING! (We're getting pretty close) It's so unfortunate to see us humans sit here while our rights are being stripped from us left and right. What's even sadder is that we take it! If all of the people who wanted to make a change actually took severe action (not a wimpy "occupy Wall St."), our numbers would FAR outweigh those of government positions. People are just afraid to take action against those who control us, but I will keep praying for our true change…and when it starts to happen, I'M IN! Sorry for the mini-rant on an almond article, I couldn't help myself! Great article, and great comment Alex!

  80. truly raw almonds can contain between 4-9 mg of hydrogen cyanide per almond, they call them bitter almonds and the shape is just a little different from others, but cyanide naturally occurs in raw almonds…. If someone wasn't aware of this or was getting smaller doses even, it could still build up to toxic levels fairly quickly. I have a feeling that's part of the block on raw almonds is really coming from.

  81. I’m really glad that almonds are pasteurized. As a veterinarian familiar with public health, I’m amazed at the push for drinking raw milk and eating unpasteurized foods that are known to be the cause of so many dire human conditions. It’s a matter of weighing the risks versus the benefits, and I’ll gladly take an insignificant hit in nutrition for a reduced risk of getting some really nasty bugs and still get a healthy food item in “raw” (pasteurized) almonds.

  82. Miranda Rico tell me …which rights have been stripped from you ? go ahead …list 'em

  83. @Alex Kamman …because if they started taking foods with " high likely hoods " of causing heart attacks were restricted there is a strong " likely hood " you'd be the first to moan and groan about government intrusion

  84. Why is it tragic? Because we cannot purchase raw almonds from large scale distributors? The article says we can still purchase them from farmers markets and online. So all we need is raise the demand for raw almonds from farmers markets. This will cause entrepreneurs and investors to invest in farmers markets that grow raw almonds. Once the demand is met the price will come down.

  85. No…The question should be why on God's green earth would you ask why this is tragic. I mean really!!?? Must I elaborate? You just took the time out of your day to ASSUME that I would imply that the tragedy I speak of involves the "purchase of raw almonds from large scale distributors". I'm convinced that you may need to read this article AGAIN if that happened to be the only point you could relate the word tragedy to. And for the record I have been purchasing raw almonds from a farmer here in Albama for two years now THANKYOU.

  86. Brett, the hydrogen cyanide is bonded, it's not cyanide ion. Your body won't process it like it's cyanide poison. The almond you are talking about is bitter almond. Just bite into an apple and eat the seeds, they contain what you are talking about but apples are not banned! You should google video "A world with out cancer' and trip out.

  87. Rod Ghassemi, you're right its not quite as toxic but it can still build up when ingested to toxic levels and yes, the numbers i mentioned were those for bitter almonds, which i presume is what legislators were examining when they made the law. few differences between almonds and apple seeds though, the bitter almonds again can contain between 4 and 9 mg of HCN, apple seeds are said to have on average .6 mg of cyanide per gram of whole seeds, significant difference there, also, apple seeds aren't always ingested (ie not eating the core) and the shell helps keeps the toxins from escaping as long as it is intact. started watching the video but haven't had the chance to finish it yet

  88. GRR is all I can say!

  89. Crazy! Did you know that you actually aren't getting 'raw' nuts even thought they are labeled that way? Any suggestions on where to get them from in Canada?

  90. SO LAME. Farmers Markets maybe.. smaller grocery stores maybe.

  91. SO LAME is RIGHT!!!!! Found a few places online. So frustrating!!

  92. The only option is for the people to rise up an demand a new government.

  93. First, cyanic acid is deadly for cancer cells. Do the research. Lots of people eat multivitamins, some of the best, which contain cyanicobaliman, or synthesized B-12. During the charcoal filtration process, a cyanide “molecule” attaches itself to it. This is far more dangerous than the cyanic acid you are talking about. BTW, I eat apricot kernels like they’re going out of style. They are quite high in cyanic acid. Too many are a little hard on the stomache, but I’m still not dead. Also, prussic acid, has to be manufactured, from cyanic acid, and other ingredients. The two are different, and prussic acid is liable to spontaeous decomposition, even when dilute, but especially being exposed to light, or air, making it completely harmless. It takes a lot of research to make statements as solid as some of you are. With that said, even some of my information may be wrong. Be careful. Misinformation can be as dangerous as disinformation. As for raw milk, Laraesque, I drank it as a child, and the Russians drink like it’s going out of style. Actually, so does most of the world. It’s bacteria during, and after shipping, that you need to worry about. It’s like eating raw beef, which is actually better for your digestive track. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but because of shipping times, and handling, it’s not recommended unless you know the source. Do your research people, and don’t become subject to the fear mongering.

  94. Brett Woods you are correct in that bitter almonds naturally contain h-cyanide, but remember that it's leveled off by the rest of the ingredients, thus not producing any toxic build-up. They actually help destroy cancer cells.

  95. Please people, wake up. The sicker we are in this country, the more profitable big pharmaceutical companies will be and their shareholders. Now we have GMO's to contend with. And guess who their shareholders might be? Take a guess. Of course it won't be published, Anyone can guess. One investigator was removed from his post and sent home after he talked to the press about his discovery of a black bank account fed by 2 pharma companies and apparently used to pay off FDA officials in charge of approving drugs.The story is reported in the British Medical Journal. The sicker we are, the richer the few will be and even richer when we are no longer alive. http://encognitive.com/node/1210

  96. Wow. I realize that everyone believes "unprocessed" foods is the VERY BEST thing for you, and God forbid you place something less than that in your body, but fact is, people, every one of those nutrients you see up there is heat stable. Guess what that means? "Raw" almonds are as good for you as the horrible pasteurized ones! Just so everyone knows, pasteurizing is a very light heat treatment, the same kind milk goes through. Not a fan of processed, pasteurized milk? Have fun contracting all those diseases.

  97. Raw are almonds are illegal due to the high levels of cyanide in them. When they are cooked the cyanide is boiled out.

  98. Bitter almonds also contain cyanide, and should be processed before consumption. but hey, knock yourself out…

  99. so you dont cook anything before you eat it at all? dont dress your salads with anything?

  100. They are allowed to label them raw when they’ve been pasteurized!

  101. I suggest reading this book, Amanda. http://www.amazon.com/The-Milk-Book-Kindness-Pasteurized/dp/996263654X/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1375986578&sr=8-2-fkmr1&keywords=milk+of+human+kindness+not+pa

    It is NOT a "very light heat treatment" it kills everything in the milk. And there are actually VERY few cases of raw milk actually making someone sick. Pasteurized is responsible for more food poisoning than raw.

  102. Amanda, I grew up on raw milk, as did dairy farmers and their families for centuries before me. If you research the "diseases" and 'sicknesses' that have supposedly been linked to the consumption of milk, you will note the diseases and outbreaks can be traced to the larger factory farms that are NON-raw products. The idea of RAW is also about the enzymes that are naturally occurring in the food you are eating. Your body has a finite number of enzymes. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. When you consume foods in their natural state, the enzymes for digestion are neatly packaged in the RAW item you are consuming. YOUR own body's enzyme supply is then able and available to do the work of repair and regeneration without the added burden of digestion. There is a lot more to it, of course, but you are being mislead by a lack of information. I used to "pick and choose" foods to eat raw or not, but have (through my own research) discovered RAW truly is the healthier choice for milk especially, but also the science does back up the difference between the (healthier) raw almonds as opposed to "equal" almonds that have been flash-pasteurized or chemically treated. Flash pasteurization does NOT provide an "equal" end-product to the raw choice. These are EXTREMELY high temperatures, just for a very short amount of time, but still enough to completely kill the life-giving enzymes of many items treated in this manner. Research chemical structures before/after this method – in the science journals if you do not believe the "extremists" on these websites. The science is out there…

  103. Tony Baloney – I'll list 'em for you.
    1. The right to consume the food of our choice. Raw milk, raw almonds, etc.
    2. The right to make our own decisions in regards to homeschool our children … consistently under attack and filling our courts with claims of truancy by the states. Highly difficult to do in many states with the government trying to make it illegal in all.
    3. The right to make healthcare decisions for ourselves and our children. Children taken away from parents who are seeking second opinions … and more. Google it.
    4. The right to live in peace without fear of search/seizure or wrongful detainment — The Patriot Act … need I say more?
    5. The right to be free from unfair taxes – Obamacare – need I say more?
    6. I can keep going … need I say more?

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