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Top 20 Health, Green, Organic, Raw Tweeters You Should Follow on Twitter

Top 20 Health, Green, Organic, Raw Tweeters You Should Follow on Twitter

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(OrganicJar) I joined Twitter earlier this year and I've absolutely enjoyed the experience. It provides me the chance to share my latest activities (things that I wouldn't share on this blog), but I also get to follow the lives of people who I've always wanted to know more about. I thought I’d tell you some of my favorite food and health tweeters. There are plenty of other great tweeters in these categories and it was extremely tough to narrow down. This isn’t an exclusive list, but rather a highlighted list on some of my favorite tweeters that I find interesting…maybe you will too. If you don’t know what twitter is, here is a 2 min explanation: What is twitter?

Raw Food:

Natural Health:

  • Dan Topkis @HealthCrusader - (Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Personal Trainer)
  • Dr. Robert Streisfeld @docrob - (Natural Health Doctor, Educator, Chef)
  • Rob Cooper @formerfatguy - (Teaching Natural Health and Weight Loss Principles)
  • Dr Betsy Meshbesher @DrBetsy - (Raw Foodist, Longevity Blood Specialist, Chiropractor)
  • Kevin Gianni @kevingianni - (Natural Health Advocate, Host of Renegade Health Show)

Green Living:

  • Michael Edwards @ecoorganic1 - (Editor of Organic Lifestyle Magazine )
  • Julia Rosien @JuliaRosien - (Practicing Eco-Integrity, Suggesting Green and Organic Choices)
  • Lynn Miller @organicmania - (Crazy About Organics and Green Living)
  • Leslie Quigley @LaMamaNaturale - (Environmentalism, Natural Mothering, Going Green)

Organic Lifestyle:

  • Bethanne Wanamaker @ediblegoddess - (Certified Nutrition Educator: Superfood Nutrition & Edible Beauty)
  • Esmaa Self @EsmaaSelf - (Writer, Gardener, Chef, Mountaineer)
  • Kanav Arora @kanav - (Organic Naturalist, Go Green, Go Organic, Save Thy Earth)
  • Jean Ann VanKrevelen @JeanAnnVK - (Foodie, Organic Gardener, Farmer, Smartypants)
  • Erin Ely @erinely - (Organic Fanatic, Strategic Optimist, Community Activist, Green Living)

A Few More of my Random Favorites:

  • Yehuda Berg @yehudaberg - (Kabbalah Teacher and Author)
  • Kevin Rose @kevinrose - (Founder of Digg, Tea Drinker, Tech Enthusiast)
  • Darren Rowse @ProBlogger - (Blogging Tips, Author, Social Media Participant)
  • Ashton Kutcher @aplusk - (Actor, Spirituality, Personal Development)

IT'S YOUR TURN! Leave a comment and tell us your favorite tweeters!

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  1. Nice list. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us healthy tweeters! Follow me @ihealthtube http://twitter.com/ihealthtube

  2. Thanks so much for including me in this list! Can’t wait to check out everyone on the list! (A few are new to me!)

  3. That is a great list that I will be sure to check out. @PhitZone http://twitter.com/PhitZone

  4. I am one of your twitter friends (http://www.twitter.com/maryshealthblog) and i just want to say this list is amazing. I am going to go follow all these people right now!

  5. Shazzie is @doxtor on twitter. She’s funny and her blogs and books are famous.

  6. Nice post! Keep up the good work

  7. Thanks for adding me to this list! I just found it via a Google search… :)

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  9. Great Info!

  10. I am a chiroprator,Great POst!!Thanks for letting me know about this,!!Keep me up to date and Keep up the good work..:)

    Chiropractic Information

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