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Mushrooms, Green Tea May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Mushrooms, Green Tea May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

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Mushrooms, Green Tea May Lower Breast Cancer Risk A new Australian study finds that women whose diets include plenty of green tea and mushrooms may have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. The study, which involved more than 2,000 Chinese women, found that the more fresh and dried mushrooms the women consumed, the lower their breast cancer risk. The risk was lowest in women who also drank green tea everyday. The researchers found that women who consumed the freshest mushrooms, 10 grams or more daily, were roughly two thirds less likely to develop breast cancer than those who consumed no mushrooms. Furthermore, those who ate 4 grams or more of dried mushrooms daily halved their cancer risk compared with women who ate no mushrooms. The results showed that mushroom eaters who also consumed green tea everyday had only 11-18 percent the risk of breast cancer of women who consumed neither.

My Thoughts

I love both green tea and mushrooms. Make sure to buy organic, it'll have as much as 60% more nutrients. Also to avoid the fluoride in green tea (as much as possible) make sure to buy high quality organic green tea and only steep for 2-3 minutes. Source: reuters

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  1. Breast Cancer as with other types of cancer, can be prevented by early intervention.”‘.

  2. Breast Cancer is one of the diseases that affects most women but it can be detected early and treated early too:-*

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