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How Toxic Are Your Household Products? Let GoodGuide Help You

How Toxic Are Your Household Products? Let GoodGuide Help You

Posted in Eco-Living
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(OrganicJar) Millions of people looking to buy safe, healthy and green products now have the perfect tool to help them navigate the marketplace. GoodGuide (www.GoodGuide.com), will for the first time give consumers fast and easy access to the world's largest and most reliable source of health, environmental and social performance information of household products. The key to GoodGuide is that it offers not only an unprecedented amount of valuable information, but information where and when shoppers need it most. Mothers can find out which brands of shampoo and soap are safe for their children through a quick online search. Shoppers can even send a text message from their cell phone while at the grocery store to instantly find out how a product ranks compared to other brands. You can also create shopping lists online to print out or email to yourself and others. Below is Dara O'Rourke one of the founders explaining why he created GoodGuide. The first 5 minutes are well worth watching. He’ll also explain exactly how you can use and benefit from this site.

Source: GoodGuide.com marketwire

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  1. Thanks for the post about GoodGuide, Jason. I have an exciting update since it seems you’re especially into food, and perhaps your readers are too:

    GoodGuide will launch food product ratings in about two weeks. The category will include a complete nutritional analysis, additives assessment, ingredients banned in other countries, food certifications, plus the social and environmental performance of food manufacturers. While it’s clearly preferable to eat fresh food, there will soon be a guide to decode the label of those necessary store-bought items. Follow our Twitterstream for the play-by-play!

  2. Jodie – That sounds great! Can’t wait for the food product launch. Cheers!

  3. This is really nice! Thanks for posting it, this is the first place I have heard of this.

    Up until now I have been using EWG’s Skin Deep Database, it’s a valuable tool, but I like the functionality of this one much better.


  4. i love to see new product launches because i am addicted to shopping both online and offline.*.”

  5. Great video, its so true that people need to do their own research on products and to really understand all the ingredients.
    I’ve always made the argument that you’re safest buying from non-publicly traded companies

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