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About 1 in 9 US Kids Use Alternative Medicine

About 1 in 9 US Kids Use Alternative Medicine

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About 1 in 9 US Kids Use Alternative Medicine (OrganicJar) Just like their parents, kids are taking herbal supplements from fish oil to ginseng, a sign of just how mainstream alternative medicine has become. More than one in nine children and teens try those remedies and other nontraditional options. Their parents' practices played a big role. Kids were five times more likely to use alternative therapies if a parent or other relative did. Women are the most likely to use alternative medicine, as are those with advanced college degrees and people who live in the West. Among non-elderly adults, it is used about equally by those with private insurance and those with no health insurance at all. Here is a list of the supplements (in my opinion) everyone should take. I am not being paid by these company’s. These are the supplements that after hours and in some cases months of research I support. I take more supplements than this, but at a bare minimum I think everyone should supplement there diet with: 1. Multivitamin (I use Alive by Nature’s Way with no iron (for men). These are by far the best multivitamins on the market as they’re made with whole food and not synthetic. Because they’re made from whole food, you take 3 tablets daily. I highly recommend these.) 2. Fish Oil (I use Arctic Cod Liver Oil by Nordic Naturals. This is hands down the most pure fish oil I have come across and it tastes great. I take 2-3 teaspoons a day. I can’t stress how important omega-3 is for your body.) 3. Vitamin D3 (I’m in the middle of testing several brands, but right now I’m using a brand called Solgar Vitamin D3 1000 IU. The best vitamin D3 is made from fish liver oil, they also make a plant based for vegans. You want to make sure you take at least 2000 IU per day to get the benefits.) 4. Vitamin B Complex (I use Complete B-Complex by Rainbow Light. Most of it’s made from whole foods.) I would love to hear your opinions, other brands people use, or other vitamins you think are extremely essential to take. Source: ap press

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  1. I believe most illness is manifested as a emotional/thought issue before it becomes a physical symptom, where it manifests as a nutritional deficiency and/or stress which gives rise to inflammation. So I believe one of the keys to good health is to manage inflammation and stress. With that being said…

    In testing people, they are finding more and more people are deficient in their B-Complexes – and this is a stunning revelation we haven’t seen before. Generally this is caused by stress and anxiety in our fast paced, stressful modern environments. Also it is being established that modern wireless technology can cause our bodies stress on the cellular level making the situation much worse. Even those of us who choose not to expose ourselves to cell phones are still exposed to towers every few blocks putting out the same stress inducing frequencies.

    At any rate, here is what I recommend to people for optimal health and immune system performance. B-Complex is important because B is rapidly excreted by the body, and this process is amplified around ANYTHING that induces more stress. It certainly doesn’t help that most of our food is overly processed and “Dead” so our supply of B naturally is drying up.

    1) Good Multi-Vitamin, such as what you recommend. Synergy 11 is good, Greensource is good, Alive is good, a lot of options really.

    2) Flax Seed. It’s proving to reduce stress, boost immune systems, and fight cancer. (Omega-3)

    3) Use Real Salt, Himalayan Salt, or Celtic Salt. All provide trace elements that the body needs. Table Salt doesn’t.

    4) A timed release or natural B-Complex W/C. (Some report that C boosts uptake of B when taking in concert)

    5) Mushroom Supplement. Mesima is very powerful. But you can find various combination’s of them together that make a powerful supplement. Mycodenfense is good and cheap. These are incredibly potent immune boosters and anti-inflammatory agents.

    In the unlikely event you get sick taking off this stuff, keep Astragalus Extract (Pure, no alcohol) on hand. Take 1 dropper in a small glass of water 3 times a day and the cold/flu will rapidly recede.

    Always take your supplements with one of your meals, and it is recommended you stagger your B-Complex. So take your multi-vitamin at Lunch (during lunch), and take your B-Complex at night with dinner. This will make sure your B-Levels stay fairly regular throughout a 24 hour period of time.

    Some people I know report miraculous immune system improvements taking Fermented Yeast known as Epicor. But there is a secret, this stuff is available at a Grain and Feed store for livestock for a couple bucks for a 10lb bag and is identical in every way to the expensive capsules. Some people sprinkle it on cereal or oats in the morning. I haven’t tried it, but I hope to in the future, it’s very cheap.

    To keep stress levels down avoid too much coffee, even 3 cups a day keeps your cortisol to levels that can induce stress and anxiety (and subsequently inflammation). Coffee bleeds B-Complexes out of your body, and reduces magnesium supplies. Despite what the mainstream media wants you to believe, Coffee isn’t nearly as good for you as they claim. We’re drinking more coffee than ever, is our health improving or getting worse? Stress levels less or more?

    When things get too much pull back, go outside, take a walk, meditate, listen to mozart, or paint a picture. Anything right brain intrinsic reduces stress, so that means anything natural or creative. Don’t underestimate incense, aromatherapy, colors, hot baths, prayer, meditation, and other things. They can benefit you greatly.

    Some report great results with “Bach” remedies. I haven’t tried them yet, they are natural, non-toxic, and non-habit forming. There are varieties for sleep and stress. They are very cheap, so probably worth a try. They’ve been around for 70 years.

    Another good stress tip, keep the electronics and wireless out of your bedroom. (that means no clock radio near your head) Recent sleep studies are showing that using a cell phone for just 10 minutes 1-2 hours before bed disrupts your sleep cycle. If you insist on WiFi in your home, turn off the router before you go to bed.

    Get some air cleaner plants in your home. Peace Lilly is one of the strongest. Studies are proving people are more relaxed, and have lower stress levels and blood pressure in hospital rooms with plants. A nice big Peace Lilly in your living room will do wonders, it’s natures air cleaner!


    Pay close attention to the quality of light in your home. CFL’s put off a very poor quality, unhealthy light frequency. Despite the rush to push these on people, there is considerable evidence they can harm your health. Full Spectrum Incandescent simulate natural daylight, and have health benefits. CFL’s may prove to contribute to stress eventually. (and subsequent inflammatory response)

    This is getting longer than I expected, sorry.

  2. Such great information, THANKS!

  3. An additional note.

    You can drop the flax supplement if you buy organic milled flax seed. It’s quite tasty (Nutty), and is extremely potent. Just 1tsp has around 1200mg of Omega-3, and is loaded with other goodies. A big bag of it at Costco is only $7 and it will last for months in your fridge. That way you get the whole spectrum of Flax, rather than just the extraction processed capsule form.

    Just toss 1TSP on your yogurt, cereal, really anything. For the family you can toss some in spaghetti sauces, and any other dishes you make to “Juice them up” with the good stuff. It IS sad we have to resort to this to get our nutrients these days though, the processed food industry has become incredibly irresponsible.

  4. My wife takes a balanced B vitamin complex as well as high levels of B-12 in the methylcobalamin form. She currently takes over 40mg per day by using sublinguial tablets.

  5. Incandescent light bulbs will soon be phased out because they waste a lot of energy.*–

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