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Appetite For Organic Food Wilts As Economy Suffers

Appetite For Organic Food Wilts As Economy Suffers

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Appetite For Organic Food Wilts As Economy Suffers (OrganicJar) The rotten economy is eating into sales of organic foods as fewer Americans put these often costly groceries on their plates. Overall sales of organic food are still rising, though the industry's robust growth of recent decades is tapering off. Many devotees of organic foods are not willing to cut back though. Despite the challenges, the Organic Trade Association forecasts sales of organic foods will rise by 18 percent a year, on average, through 2010. The association expects its customer base to grow on the assumption that prices will drop and mainstream retailers will stock a wider variety of products. A July 2008 survey found that among customers who reported buying organic products, 56 percent had household incomes of more than $100,000 and 36 percent had incomes of less than $25,000. Still, shoppers at all income levels appear to be reducing purchases of organics these days. Even I find it hard to pay $7.99 for 4oz of organic blueberries. Here are some foods that you don’t ‘have’ to buy organic because they have a very low pesticide rating. - Broccoli - Eggplant - Cabbage - Banana - Kiwi - Asparagus - Sweet peas (frozen) - Mango - Pineapple - Sweet corn (frozen) - Avocado - Onion Sources: dailyadvance associatedpress drweil

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  1. Thanks for all the emails

  2. This up coming “Greater Depression” is going to have us all eating mud pies.

  3. Wow, super site here!

  4. That’s great to know bananas have a low amount of pesticide but what about GMO? How do we know it’s not genetically modified? pesticide or not, I will not buy GMO food.

  5. The problem is GMO foods do not have to be labeled as so.

  6. Yeah, only in the US. one of the Monsanto spoke persons even said it would be like putting a scull and crossbones sticker on the food. This would expose the fact that the conventional food is not fit to eat. This would make organic explode in popularity. They can’t have that.

  7. I know that here in New Zealand everyone seems to be growing their own “organic” vegetables of late. This must be hitting (to some extent) the very few organics shops we have as far as green grocery goes

  8. Love your post!! Finally someone got it right!!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? :)

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