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What is Stevia?

What is Stevia?

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What is Stevia? (OrganicJar) Stevia, also known as Stevia Rebaudiana, is an herb that has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries. Its been suppressed for decades by the FDA, but with Coca-Cola and Cargill interested in using it, stevia is about to go mainstream. Stevia is a great natural substitute for sugar. It is non-toxic, sweeter than sugar, non-caloric, does not raise blood glucose levels and is a healthy choice for cooking and baking for those with diabetes. You can find it at most health stores. The extracts from the stevia plant, specifically the leaves, have been found to be rather high in antioxidants which prevent DNA damage that can lead to cancer. The FDA for a long time has suppressed Stevia, but that is soon coming to an end. Lets hope we can start getting other major corporations to stop using aspartame and start using the natural alternative, stevia. sources: wisegeek.com earthclinic.com
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  1. The comment about Rumsfeld needs to be expanded upon some… he was the COO of Searle, makers of aspartame. Of course he was trying to get it approved, that’s what manufacturing is about. I loathe Rumsfeld, but let’s keep it in perspective here. It was Reagan appointing his buddy to head the FDA that got it approved, along with more current studies showing it’s relative harmlessness.

  2. I’d like to try some Stevia.

  3. I handcraft natural mineral makeup and skincare and use stevia suspended in coconut oil as the sweetener for my lipgloss. It is oil soluble since it is dissolved in the coconut oil and a tiny bit goes a long way! Happy to hear it is catching on. Tried agave at first, but it is only water soluble. Thanks Jason! Linda of Zosimos Botanicals

  4. i read somewhere on the internet that long term consumption of Aspartame is not really good for the health. ‘;*

  5. i used Stevia extract as a sugar substitute because i am diabetic. Stevia is really sweeter than sucrose.“;

  6. i read somewhere on the internet that long term consumption of Aspartame is not really good for the health. .”,

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  1. From Prohibition on Pure and Natural Products? « “On the edge…” on Dec 7, 2008

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