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Corrupt Food Industry Killing Us With Salt

Corrupt Food Industry Killing Us With Salt

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(OrganicJar) It is well known among the medical and health community that to much sodium in your diet can lead to strokes, heart attacks and other health problems. However the food industry doesn’t care. They have fully acknowledges that sodium levels are too high in there products, but are not making any plans on changing it. In 2005 regular premium pork sausage contained 280 milligrams of sodium per serving. In 2008 the same product had increased by 60 percent to 450 milligrams. The lack of progress in decreasing the sodium content of many foods is simply disturbing and the fact that it’s increasing is alarming. Health experts recommend 1,100 - 2,500 mg of sodium per day for healthy adults. Most people consume 2,500 to 6,900 mg per day. You’d be surprised how easy it is to consume 4,000 mg of sodium a day. Just one frozen meal can contain as much as 2,000 mg of sodium. The level of sodium in our diets is something we all need to be aware of. Source: upi

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  1. Can anyone give more list of diet foods?.*”

  2. Diet Foods should be composed of low sugar and high fiber foods.

  3. I need to maintain a low sodium diet. Therefor I read the nutrition labels on anything I buy that is processed in any way. ALL prepared sausages are off my diet list as are most of the prepared frozen dinners. Canned vegetables are also typically high in sodium so I buy mostly frozen or fresh. On a side note; if you are taking Pacerone (Amybuteral) to regulate heart rhythm and, because it depletes potassium, are also taking KlorKon potassium suplement consider using NoSalt brand salt substitute. NoSalt contains over 600 mg of potassium per 1/4 tsp. Check with your doctor before trying this and also have blood work done to confirm that you are getting enough potassium before doing this. I have found that using NoSalt allows me to eliminate KlorKon from my pill list and my blood work for the last year has consistently shown no lack of potassium for me.

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  1. From HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy on Oct 8, 2011

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