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Man Tries to Become ‘Certified Organic’

Man Tries to Become ‘Certified Organic’

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Man Tries to Become Certified Organic (OrganicJar) A pediatrician in Danville, Calif., Dr. Alan Greene, has spent the last three years only eating organic food, whether he’s cooking at home, dining out or snacking on the road. Why three years, because that was the amount of time it took to have a breeding animal certified organic by the Department of Agriculture and he wondered whether a person could meet the same standards. He says the three year experiment was not easy, and more challenging than he thought. “There were definitely days where there was nothing I could find that was organic.” His findings offer new insight into the challenges facing the organic food industry. He had no problems eating organic food at home, but when traveling there were very limited options. The most surprising part of the whole experience was discovering how many people still don’t know what ‘organic’ means. In stores or restaurants around the country, he would ask, “Do you have anything organic?” Half the time they would say, “Do you mean vegetarian?”. Three years later, he says he has more energy and wakes up earlier. As a pediatrician he was regularly exposed to sick children, and became accustomed to several illnesses a year. Now, he says, he is rarely ill. People should also know that research shows organic food contain more nutrients, and sometimes twice as many, than non-organic food. Source: ny times

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  1. Eating organic is only a part of it. Did he also bathe in organic water and breath organic air? We, as humans, as animals are a piece of the earth.As the total earth environment is not organic, or more specifically, toxin free, it seems that testing him for organically grown certification would be a difficult feat. I do agree, it is an interesting test. Is it not scientifically proven that the human body takes 7 years to completely renew all its cells? or is that inaccurate?

  2. Your 100% correct, but its difficult to control the air we breathe or the water we drink. I want to say that it is scientifically proven that our body does renew all its cells, its different for each part of the body and person. I’ll look for a research paper on it.

  3. Very interesting article! It’s wonderful to hear of people challenging themselves to be healthier, more responsible and educated despite how difficult it may be at times! To live in this world and live a health-promoting lifestyle can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but worth it. It’s time to support one another’s health goals, no matter how small or large. Thank you Jason.

  4. Over the years, the importance of herbs has increased in the cosmetic industry. The main benefit of using herbs over chemicals in cosmetics is that they are natural and they do not have any side-effects. Also the results are permanent. Most herbs do not cost a lot like chemical cosmetics.

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