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Depression Linked to Belly Fat

Depression Linked to Belly Fat

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Depression Linked to Belly Fat (OrganicJar) Research conducted at the University Medical Center in Amsterdam concluded that adults with symptoms of depression are more likely to gain abdominal fat. The study recorded depression and abdominal fat at the beginning and again after five years. The major contributing factors were chronic stress and depression that is believed to activate certain brain areas and lead to increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which promotes the accumulation of visceral fat. In addition, individuals with depression may have unhealthier lifestyles, including a poor diet, that could interact with other physiological factors to produce an increase in abdominal obesity. Stress has always been a negative factor on your health. One of the best rituals you can start, is to incorporate meditation and yoga into your day. I do a quick 15 minute yoga routine from Gaiam. Your body will love you for it. Would love to hear about how others have incorporated yoga and meditation into there lives, leave a comment or email me. Source: upi.com

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