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Starve – to live longer

Starve – to live longer

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(OrganicJar) Most people diet to trim there waistlines but others are a members of the US-based Calorie Restriction Society. They diet strictly to enhance longevity and avoid age-related disease. Inspired by animal experiments showing that underfeeding enhances vitality and prolongs life by 30 percent or more, they are slashing kilojoule intake in hopes of halt the ageing process. A worldwide epidemic of obesity-related diseases has put a spotlight over the last decade on the link between food and health. In rich countries, 90 percent of the population probably eats, on average, about 50 percent too much. A wealth of scientific evidence has confirmed that maintaining that balance of food intake helps prevent type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Experiments with both animals and humans have also shown that pushing one's energy intake 10 to 20 per cent below that baseline threshold - without lowering nutrients - may provide additional health advantages. Consuming less kilojoules does not necessarily mean eating less food. The diet usually consist of large quantities of fruits and vegetables, along with smaller portions of lean meats and fish. Despite the proven health benefits, the jury is still out on whether counting kilojoules enhances longevity, which some scientists think has a genetically-imposed ceiling. But one thing is sure - calorie restriction will help you reach your maximum lifespan potential, which is different for all of us depending on our genetic profile. Source: smh

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  1. research suggest that calorie restriction can also lengthen a person’s life span`-,

  2. as science suggests, calorie restriction diets are great for longevity’`”

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