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Monsanto Tried to Block Research Showing GM Corn Causes Infertility

Monsanto Tried to Block Research Showing GM Corn Causes Infertility

Posted in Health & Nutrition
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(OrganicJar) An independent study commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Health has found significant infertility effects from mice fed genetically modified (GM) corn. Monsanto, which has a near-world monopoly on all agricultural seeds tried to, not only stop the study from the beginning, but then tried to block the results from being published.
In one study design where mice were continuously breeding. Mice fed on GM corn had no litters or produced less offspring after the third or fourth litters, than those fed on conventional corn. The differences were statistically significant. The corn, sold by Monsanto, contains a gene that produces the toxic "Bt" pesticide in every cell and in every bite. The results raise the question whether this toxin (or some other unpredictable change in the GM corn) might be contributing to the rise in infertility, allergies or other immune disorders in North America. Monsanto (and the other GM corporations) have NEVER provided any help for feeding studies or other research over which they do not have direct control over the results. That is why truly independent studies are almost impossible to conduct.

Download the Austrian study

Biological effects of transgenic maize NK603xMON810 fed in long term reproduction studies in mice. Sources: organicconsumers gmwatch

My Thoughts:

It's a whole new wave of natural selection taking place. The evolution of the human race is about to make a major shift in favor of those who don't poison themselves with toxic foods, medicines and consumer products. "Survival of the fittest" will soon come to mean "extinction of the chemically intoxicated." Remember: In many cases, infertility is Mother Nature's way of telling conventional consumers that they're too unhealthy to have babies anymore.

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  1. “Men are Moved by two levers only: fear and self interest” -Napoleon Bonaparte

    I personally do not understand why we try to demonize companies like Monsanto for trying to build their brand in an effort to grow profits. The failure in the system doesn’t lie with a company like Monsanto it lies in the lack of oversight by our world governments in our own food supply. GM seed bring about a lot of tough questions. GM seed has a lot of potential benefits and just like all things also pose a lot of potential problems. Like you have mentioned in this article. Monsanto does not have some evil agenda. Monsanto simply has a technology which it spent millions of dollars to develop which they are trying to protect & promote. A technology that could potentially eliminate world hunger and lower fertility in a over populated world may not be such a bad thing. Society will have to become creative in the production of food as the world population continues to grow and we continue to deplete the worlds natural resources.

    Potential Positives of Genetically Modified Seed:
    1. Giving poor countries located in drought stricken areas the ability to feed their own people.

    2. Providing poor countries with natural resources they can export, potentially eliminating the uneven trade balance in world and creating a local economy.

    Potential Problems of GM Seed:
    1. Its a horrible technology that kills us all. :)

    Love the debate, love the article, and love the blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. These companies are ‘deionized’ because there has been numerous reports how GM food is currently not good for human consumption. Monsanto, instead of fixing this, tries to keep this information from the public. A company who cares about its customers would not do this.

    Thanks for the comments. :-)

  3. Aaron, I understand where you are coming from, but I feel that your comment may be based in ignorance (perhaps, ignorance that Monsanto is promoting?) They ARE evil. Monsanto does whatever it can to not only keep information about the dangers of it’s products hidden, but they also are intent on spreading their “seed” over the entire planet and feeding the whole of the earth this tainted soylent green of a meal. I recently watched King Corn and was shocked to learn how much of our diet is corn. With that knowledge, and knowing the percentage of corn that is GM, it’s truly terrifying what the North American diet actually is.

    I think that the monster Monsanto should be called upon by the North American governments to correct the potentially disastrous side effects of their GM foods, and to pay for the damages they have caused to the innumerable small farmers that they have put out of business with false claims of seed theft, and other trumped up charges.

  4. due to modern advance in medicine, infertility could be a thing of the past..:,

  5. infertility is not really a big problem because of advances in health and medicine. *~”

  6. Anyone who feels Monsanto is being demonized unjustly, needs to hang the ignorance up and start Googling. All the facts are out there, if you make the choice to look for them.

    As to the infertility comments, why would Monsanto want to severely to hide this info? First it is not about lack of government oversight, it is governmentally approved with the truth being withheld.

    Read about the facts regarding modern day eugenics happening under our very noses.

  7. I’d like to thank you for the work you have made in writing this publish. It has been an encouragement in my situation. I’ve transferred this onto a friend. thanks

  8. It really is shocking and scary situation. I find it furstrating that the powers that be allow our food supply to be tainted in this way.

  9. “infertility is not really a big problem because of advances in health and medicine.”

    Tell that to the 1 in 6 couples who struggle with this silent disease each and every day, of which I am one. I have been to doctors, had surgery, used their fertility drugs and tried artificial insemination.

    While science and technology have come a long way… fertility clinics are not a McDonald’s where you drive out with a baby.

    You must have a healthy foundation to start with… and a contaminated food supply is NOT a part of that equation.

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