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Six Good Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

Six Good Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

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(OrganicJar) Every year it is recommended that people get a flu shot to avoid spending time feeling horrendously bad over the winter. Elderly people are especially warned that without a flu shot, their health could be in serious jeopardy. In recent years, this warning has been extended to children, and more recently even teenagers. Yet there is mounting evidence that flu shots do not guarantee a healthy winter, and in fact they cause far more harm than good.

Here are 6 reasons to avoid getting a flu shot.

1. There is absolutely no evidence that flu shots actually work. The flu shot is only able to protect against certain strains of the flu. In 2004, The National Vaccine Information Center reported that the vaccine given that year did not contain the flu strain that caused the majority of flu outbreaks that year. 2. The flu vaccines, as well as all other vaccines contain mercury, which is a seriously health compromising heavy metal. The amount of mercury contained in a multi-dose flu shot is 250 times higher in mercury than what is legally classified as hazardous waste. Side affects of mercury include depression, memory loss, digestive disorder, anxiety, cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues, thyroid to name a few. 3. The flu vaccines contain antibiotics such as neomycin, polymyxin B and gentamicin which are added to eliminate stray bacteria found in the mixture. Evidence shows that antibiotics wipe out beneficial bacteria that is needed for optimum health. Antibiotics ironically lower the immune system and cause Candida overgrowth. 4. Vaccines contain Polysorbate 80. This highly toxic agent can seriously lower the immune system, cause anaphylactic shock which can kill you and research shows it leads to infertility. 5. There is growing evidence that flu shots cause Alzheimer's disease due to the aluminum and formaldehyde combined with mercury since they are even more toxic together than they are alone. 6. It is also completely unnecessary. Everything that we need to enjoy amazing health is right here on planet earth. Nothing man made is ever, needed in order to ward off illness and live vibrantly.

Ensure you don't get the Flu by doing or consuming:

- Vitamin D (either from the sun or supplement) - Exercise (get your body moving) - Yoga (fabulous way to get fit, relieve stress and boost the immune system) - Eat immune boosting foods (garlic, vitamin C containing fruits and fresh green such as broccoli, cabbage, cucumber and celery) - Cut out sugar (sugar suppresses the immune system and causes disease) - Deal with emotional stress (anger and stress suppress the immune system) - Meditation (live with abundant health in mind and body) - Get plenty of sleep (a lack of sleep suppresses the immune system) Source: homefirst

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  1. (Drum roll)…and the #1 reason you should not get the flu shot…
    Because your government thinks it’s a good idea. Always, I mean always, question everything more acutely…when you find out a “government” is sanctioning it.

  2. Here something interesting. FYI.

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  4. Could you pls publish your research sources for this list? I support the list, but don’t like to forward on info that does not feature sources. The Homefirst source link you provide does not work.

  5. …If we take care of ourselves, eat well, get rest and get excercise, we won't get sick anyway.

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