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FDA Set to Approve Genetically Engineered Animals

FDA Set to Approve Genetically Engineered Animals

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(OrganicJar) After more than seven years of discussion, the U.S. FDA is set to approve genetically engineered animals into the human food chain.

Genetic engineering generally refers to the use of DNA (rDNA) techniques to introduce new characteristics or traits into an organism by splicing together pieces of DNA segments into an organism to give it new properties.

Recently hundreds of US consumers have reported allergic reactions to the FDA after eating Kraft and other brand name products containing genetically engineered corn.

Monsanto, allegedly tried to cover-up a 90 day study on rats that were fed genetically modified (GM) corn. The rats developed allergies, various diseases including cancer (increased lymphocytes and white blood cells), blood pressure problems, decreased kidney weights, increased blood sugar, liver and kidney lesions and kidney inflammation.

Source: usa today

My Thoughts:

How scary is this! It should be noted, that most everyone reading this probably consumes GM corn. GM grains have been in existence for several years, amidst many concerns from various organizations and individuals surrounding their safety. To make matters worse, the FDA is not...I repeat, NOT requiring companies to disclose the use of GM foods to the public. So we will have no idea if we are even consuming GM foods. If that wasn’t bad enough, these corrupt corporations (like Monsanto and Kraft) are suing to prevent companies who don’t use genetically modified foods in there products from labeling GM Free. What’s there argument: “The consumer will be confused and are not educated enough to make decision between GM and GM Free as there is no scientific proof there is a difference between them.” The corruption just never seems to end.

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