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Will the Down Economy Boost the Use of Natural Medicine?

Will the Down Economy Boost the Use of Natural Medicine?

Posted in Health & Nutrition
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(OrganicJar) For the first time in a decade or more, U.S. consumers are trying to get by on fewer prescription drugs. As people around the country respond to financial hard times, drugs are sometimes having to wait.

The drug giant Pfizer, which makes Lipitor, the world’s top-selling prescription medicine, said U.S. sales of that drug were down 13 percent in the third quarter of this year. And although the overall decline in total prescriptions was less than 1 percent, it represents the first downturn after more than a decade of steady increases in prescriptions.

Source: thenewiq New York Times

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  1. Exactly, the “US Health care system”…is a criminal organization.

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